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Kishin Shinoyama at Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, 2015

Kishin Shinoyama (篠山 紀信, Shinoyama Kishin, b. Shinjuku, Tokyo, 3 December 1940) is a Japanese photographer.

Life and work[edit]

Kishin Shinoyama and two female models, Southern France, 1975. The photograph was taken during a workshop of '6èmes Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie', Arles, 1975, on a nude beach near Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. The feet shown in the upper-right corner are American photographer Ralph Gibson's.
Shinoyama teaching (workshop in S. France, 1975).

Shinoyama graduated from Nihon University. He worked with the Light Publicity agency while still a student, and freelanced after graduation.

Shinoyama has put out a large number of books of photographs of girls, dressed, mostly undressed, and nude.

On November 10, 2009 Shinoyama's home and office were searched by police on suspicion of public indecency. The searches stemmed from concerns regarding nude photos he allegedly took in public of two women in August 2008 for his book 20XX TOKYO. [1] On May 26, 2010 the court found Shinoyama guilty of public indecency and defiling a place of worship for photographing at Aoyama Cemetery. He was fined 300,000 Yen.

He is married to Saori Minami and their son is actor Akinobu Shinoyama.


Books devoted to Shinoyama's works[edit]

This list is incomplete.

  • (in Japanese) Kishin no teitaku: Sā Jon Sōn Bijutsukan (貴紳の邸宅:サー・ジョン・ソーン美術館) / Sir John Soane's Museum. Tokyo: Rokuyōsha, 1989. ISBN 978-4-89737-011-8. Text by Arata Isozaki. A detailed study of Sir John Soane's Museum (London).
  • Santa Fe. Tokyo: Asahi Shuppansha, 1991. ISBN 4-255-91046-4. Rie Miyazawa, nude. (See Santa Fe.)
  • (in English) The Painter's House: Balthus at the Grand Chalet. Te Neues, 2000. ISBN 978-3-8238-5472-2. Photographs of the extraordinarily large house of the Balthus family, and Balthus himself, his wife and their daughter.
  • Kissin' My Puppy. Tokyo: Rasukaru, 2005. ISBN 978-4-902388-05-3. Japan's starlets (アイドルタレント, aidoru tarento) and their dogs. The minimal text is in Japanese.
  • Shinoyama Kishin at Tokyo Disney Resort. Tokyo: Kodansha, 2008. ISBN 978-4-06-339758-1. Commemorative collection of photographs taken at Tokyo Disney Resort theme park for its 25th Anniversary celebrations.

Other books showing Shinoyama's works[edit]

  • (in Japanese) Nihon nūdo meisakushū (日本ヌード名作集, Japanese nudes). Camera Mainichi bessatsu. Tokyo: Mainichi Shinbunsha, 1982. Pp.24–25, 222–27 show nudes by Shinoyama.
  • Nihon shashin no tenkan: 1960 nendai no hyōgen (日本写真の転換:1960時代の表現) / Innovation in Japanese Photography in the 1960s. Tokyo: Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, 1991. Exhibition catalogue, text in Japanese and English. Pp.124–29 show nudes by Shinoyama.


  • Five Seasons / Matsuda Seiko (1986)
  • 135 Women
  • Girls of Okinawa
  • The Geisha Series
  • Santa Fe/Rie Miyazawa
  • Yukio Mishima's House
  • Ningen Kankei
  • Double Fantasy - cover photography of John Lennon and Yoko Ono
  • Chemical Reaction - album cover photography of the band Vodka Collins
  • 20XX TOKYO


  • Most Promising Young Photographer Prize (日本批評家協会新人賞, Nihon Hihyōka Kyōkai Shinjinshō) in 1966.
  • Mainichi Art Prize (毎日芸術賞, Mainichi Geijutsushō) in 1980.
  • Golden Eye Award in 1998.


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