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Coordinates: 12°56′21″N 80°04′40″E / 12.93914°N 80.07785°E / 12.93914; 80.07785 Kishkinta is a theme park located in Chennai, India. Kishkinta Theme Park is located near Vandalur Railway station which has a serene atmosphere, 13 km away from south of the Anakaputhur. It was founded by Navodaya Appachan, the owner of Navodaya Studio. This Park is spread across 120 acres of vast area with a scenic landscape, bushes, fountains, decorations and designs. Along with these, the park has various entertainment places of Wave pools, water ridings, roller coasters, toy trains etc. especially for children who visits for picnics. It is named after the fabled simian kingdom in the epic - Ramayana.

Park Access Tariff Senior  : Rs. 540 /- Junior  : Rs. 440/-*

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Price list Adult - Rs.540-00 Child Rs. 440-00