Kishore Bharati Krirangan

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Jadavpur Stadium
যাদপুর স্টেডিয়াম
Location Jadavpur, Kolkata
Coordinates 22°29′39″N 88°23′40″E / 22.4942°N 88.3945°E / 22.4942; 88.3945Coordinates: 22°29′39″N 88°23′40″E / 22.4942°N 88.3945°E / 22.4942; 88.3945
Capacity 12,000[1]
Surface Grass

Jadavpur Stadium, also known as Kishore Bharati Krirangan, is a multipurpose stadium in Kolkata, India used mainly for football matches. It is popularly known as Jadavpur stadium. The capacity of the stadium is 12,000 and the size of the sports complex is 13 acres. The stadium currently plays host to lower division Calcutta Football League matches and it has hosted Calcutta Premier Division matches in the past.[1][2] Sports meets of different schools are also held here.[3]


The stadium is located off E.M. Bypass in the Survey Park area.[4]


The stadium is equipped with several facilities. The stadium can be used for football and athletic events.

A modern underground drainage system is present in the stadium. It also has practice grounds for cricket and football. There is a 100-seater dormitory accommodation facility present below the galleries. It also has facilities to host seminars, conferences and meetings.[5] A swimming pool complex is present beside the stadium.[6] A martial arts training centre also operates on the premises.[2]


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