Kismayo National Park

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Kismayo National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Map showing the location of Kismayo National Park
Map showing the location of Kismayo National Park
Map of Somalia
LocationLower Juba, Somalia
Nearest cityJamaame
Coordinates0°21′29″S 42°32′43″E / 0.35817282706178°S 42.545365378916°E / -0.35817282706178; 42.545365378916Coordinates: 0°21′29″S 42°32′43″E / 0.35817282706178°S 42.545365378916°E / -0.35817282706178; 42.545365378916[1]

Kismayo National Park (KNP) is a national park in Kismayo, Somalia, also known as Haabar Waalid. During the drought previous government had built pawns or mini lakes to avoid migration, some says leapords and other predators and most impalas elephants never migrated do to availability of water all years,the only time most migrated is when country was in war itself.

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