Kispál és a Borz

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Kispál és a Borz
Kispál és a Borz performing in Zamárdi in 2007
Background information
OriginPécs, Hungary
GenresAlternative rock
Years active1987–2010
Rózsa Records
Human Telex Records
Universal Music Hungary
MembersAndrás Kispál (1987-current)
András Lovasi (1987-current)
Ákos Dióssy (1998-current)
Ábel Mihalik (2007-current)
Past membersRezső Ózdi (1987-1988)
Zoltán Tóth (1995–2002)
Áron Bóra (2006-2007)
Ferenc Vittai (1998–2000)
Michael Zwecker (2002-2006)

Kispál és a Borz is a Hungarian alternative rock band. Founded in 1987 in Pécs, starting members were András Lovasi, András Kispál, Rezső Ózdi and Gábor Bräutigam. Although the band ceased to function after a large-scale parting concert 9 August 2010 at Sziget Festival,[1] the band toured in 2014-2016, also promising events in the future.[2] The group is still regarded as one of the most influential alternative bands in Hungary.

Band history[edit]

Kispál és a Borz was founded in 1987 by Gábor Bräutigam, Rezső Ózdi, András Kispál and András Lovasi. Ózdi left the band in 1988, soon before their first 4-track demo was released in 1988, then another demo followed in 1989 called Tökéletes helyettes, with a first album named Naphoz Holddal (1991). In their home city of Pécs, all the founding members went to the same high school, and later to the same workplace: the state gas provider, as there they were able to rehearse during work time.

Members left and came often during the years. Drummers were replaced four times: Gábor Bräutigam was replaced by Zoltán Tóth in 1996, then came Michael Zwecker in the summer of 2002 later replaced by Áron Bóra from 2006 to 2007. Their last drummer was Ábel Mihalik, who was the youngest member, with the same age as the band itself. The band formed a trio until 1996, when Ákos Dióssy joined.

Origins of the band's name[edit]

The band's name literally means "Kispál and the Badger". The original idea was simple "Badger" (proposed by Ózdi). However András Kispál complained that in his past all bands were named after animals and all failed, so the others decided to also highlight his name in the final version.

Farewell concert[edit]

The band announced their concert at the 2010 Sziget Festival would be their last. On the 9th of August 2010 they had a 3-hour show in front of a crowd of 45.000 people.



Studio albums[edit]

  • Naphoz Holddal (1991)
  • Föld kaland ilyesmi… (1992)
  • Ágy, asztal, tévé (1993)
  • Sika, kasza, léc (1994)
  • Ül (1996)
  • Bálnák, ki a partra (1997)
  • Holdfényexpressz (1998)
  • Velőrózsák (2000)
  • Turisták bárhol (2003)
  • Én, szeretlek, téged (2004)


  • Fák virágok fény (1995)
  • Kicsit (1997)
  • Tesis a világ (1998)
  • Az nem lehet soha (2000)
  • Hang és fény (2000)
  • Nagyon szerelmes lányok (2002)



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