Kiss & Tell (1996 film)

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Kiss & Tell
Kiss & Tell (1996 film).jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Jordan Alan
Produced by Adam Fast
Andrew Golov
Starring Justine Bateman
Heather Graham
Cinematography Ron Travisano
David Wittkower
Edited by Ed Marx
Terminal Bliss Pictures
Release date
Running time
96 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Kiss & Tell, titled Kiss and Tell on its theatrical release poster, is a 1997 American film directed by Jordan Alan. It was made largely through improvisation.


Justine Bateman plays Molly, a performance artist who is found dead. Police detectives interview her friends (played by Heather Graham and others) to learn who killed her and why.[1]



Kiss & Tell was made largely through improvisation over the course of a year, on and off, on 16mm film.[2]


The film received mixed reviews. Merle Bertrand of Film Threat called the film "a mess", "confusing" and "not funny".[3] According to the Hollywood Reporter the film was instead "a candidate for eventual cult status".[4] Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times gave a mixed review, stating that Alan "demonstrates his capability in handling a large cast that is by and large improvising" but that the movie "looks and sounds better than it is".[5]


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