Kiss (South Korean band)

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Origin South Korea
Genres Pop
Years active 2001–2002
Labels J-Entercom
Members Mini

Kiss (stylized as KISS.) was a Korean female pop trio. Their debut single "Because I'm a Girl" (Hangul여자 이니까; RRYeoja Inikka) was a hit in 2001.[1][2] The music video stars actress Goo Hye-jin, and actor Shin Hyun-joon, which increased initial public interest in the song.[3] The song remained a karaoke staple in Korea for many years.[4]

This helped to launch the career of Kiss, with an album quickly following. However, the group quickly disbanded afterwards, due to internal conflict that could not be resolved.[5]

Umji is now an actress.[2]

"Because I'm a Girl" has been covered by numerous artists, including Korean female duo 2NB.[1]