Kiss (South Korean band)

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Origin South Korea
Genres Pop
Years active 2001–2002, 2016
Labels J-Entercom
Members Mini

Kiss (Korea International Super Star, stylized as KISS) was a South Korean female pop trio. Their debut single "Because I'm a Girl" (Hangul여자 이니까; RRYeoja Inikka) was a 2001 hit.[1][2] The music video stars actress Goo Hye-Joo, and actor Shin Hyun-joon, which increased initial public interest in the song.[3] The song remained a karaoke staple in Korea for many years.[4]

This helped to launch the career of Kiss, with an album quickly following. However, the group quickly disbanded afterwards, due to internal conflict that could not be resolved.[5]

After the group's break-up, Umji became an actress[2] and married,[6] Jini returned to the States and continued her singing career.[7]

"Because I'm a Girl" has been covered by numerous artists, including South Korean female duo 2NB.[1]

The group reunited to perform their main hit "Because I'm a Girl" on June 21, 2016 through variety show Two Yoo Project Sugar Man (Episode 36). It was revealed on the show the reason for the group's breakup was surfacing of news that one of the members was dating,[6][8] a matter that Korean label companies usually controls tightly on their talents.