Kiss My Ankh

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Kiss My Ankh: A Tribute To Vinnie Vincent
Compilation album by
various artists
ReleasedAugust 27, 2008
RecordedJanuary - August 2008
GenreHard rock, Heavy metal
LabelSplitScreen Entertainment

KISS MY ANKH: A Tribute To Vinnie Vincent is a 2008 tribute album, featuring a variety of artists covering songs written (or co-written) by Vinnie Vincent. The album consists of new recordings of songs from Vincent's careers with Kiss and the Vinnie Vincent Invasion. Featured artists include Steve Brown of Trixter,[1] Troy Patrick Farrell of White Lion, T.J. Racer of Nitro, Sheldon Tarsha of Adler's Appetite,[2] Chris Caffery of Savatage and Trans-Siberian Orchestra,[3] Ryan Roxie from the Alice Cooper band[4] and rock & roll comic C.C. Banana, who performs a parody of the Kiss song "Unholy" (rewritten as a roast of Danger Danger vocalist Ted Poley).[5]

Track listing[edit]

2."I Still Love You"Stanley/VincentGods of Fire4:57
3."Lick It Up"Stanley/VincentFuture 864:40
4."A Million to One"Stanley/VincentSteve Brown4:04
5."Boyz Are Gonna Rock"VincentMike Weeks5:25
6."Back on the Streets"Vincent/FreemanJazan Wild3:57
7."That Time of Year"VincentAdler's Appetite4:24
8."Love Kills"VincentVic Rivera / Kelli McCloud5:53
9."Unholy"Simmons/VincentCurse God and Die6:58
10."I Just Wanna"Stanley/VincentThe Dead Zookeepers4:24
11."Shout It Out Loud"Simmons/StanleyC.C. Banana (with Chris Caffery)3:42


The album title is a play on words, combining the phrase "Kiss My Ass" (also the name of a Kiss tribute album) with a reference to the Egyptian nature of Vinnie Vincent's Kiss character (who wore a golden ankh symbol on his face).[6]


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