Kiss My B-ass

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Kiss My B-ass
Studio album by DJ Aligator Project
Released 2009
Genre Trance, Eurodance
Label Discowax/Warner Music Group
Producer DJ Aligator
DJ Aligator Project chronology
Music Is My Language
Kiss My B-ass
Next Level
Singles from Kiss My B-ass
  1. "I'm Coming Home (featuring M. Esfahani)"
    Released: 2008
  2. "Shine"
    Released: 2009
  3. "Never Forget"
    Released: 2009
  4. "Meet Her at Love Parade"
    Released: 2009
  5. "Kaos"
    Released: 2009
  6. "Calling You"
    Released: 2009

Kiss My B-ass is the fourth studio album by the Iranian-Danish eurodance producer DJ Aligator, released in 2009.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Intro (Part 3)"
  2. "Meet Her at Loveparade"
  3. "Kiss My B-ass"
  4. "Beyond the Eternity"
  5. "I'm Coming Home" (featuring Mohammad Esfahani)
  6. "Shine"
  7. "Never Forget"
  8. "The Sound of Halay"
  9. "Nikagda (Never)"
  10. "Running Around My Brain"
  11. "Kaos"
  12. "Lose It"
  13. "Calling You"
  14. "Outro"