Kiss Toledo Goodbye

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Kiss Toledo Goodbye
Directed by Lyndon Chubbuck
Written by Robert Easter
Starring Michael Rapaport
Christopher Walken
Christine Taylor
Robert Forster
Nancy Allen
Music by Phil Marhsall
Cinematography Frank Byers
Release date
  • 1999 (1999)
Running time
96 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Kiss Toledo Goodbye is a 1999 independent comedy/thriller film directed by Lyndon Chubbuck. Film stars Michael Rapaport, Christopher Walken, Robert Forster, Nancy Allen and Christine Taylor. Rapaport plays a young man who suddenly learns that the biological father he knew nothing about is a crime lord. Upon witnessing his father's death, he is expected to join forces with his new "family" and is challenged to prove himself.


To prevent a gang war, a young Ohio investment advisor (Michael Rapaport) must impersonate a Mafia Godfather for a few weeks following the assassination of his crime-boss biological father (Robert Forster) whom he had not even known existed. He tries to keep this new life secret from his real family, especially from his very jealous fiancee (Christine Taylor), with the help of his new Cosa Nostra "family," especially his father's chief lieutenant (Christopher Walken).


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