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Kissing the Beehive is a [Crime] novel by Jonathan Carroll, published by Nan A. Talese/Doubleday in late December 1997. When the novel was published in Great Britain the following year, Carroll added a three-page epilogue at the request of its publisher, Victor Gollancz. It is the first novel of his Crane's View Trilogy. Director David Lynch once expressed an interest in directing a film version of the novel. Kissing the Beehive was nominated for the British Fantasy Award in 1999.[1]

Wolf Parade[edit]

The novel received renewed attention in early 2008, when Kissing the Beehive was announced as a tentative title for the second studio album by Canadian indie rock band Wolf Parade. After the existence of Carroll's book was pointed out to the band, the band retracted the title rather than risking a copyright infringement issue. Wolf Parade vocalist Spencer Krug said the band "didn't know that was the title of a book... We might have to change it, but we might not. And we'll have to make it clear that it's not [named] after his book. It's a complicated situation."[2] The album's title was eventually announced as At Mount Zoomer, although it does include a song entitled "Kissing the Beehive".


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