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Kit Chan
Chinese name 陳潔儀 (traditional)
Chinese name 陈洁仪 (simplified)
Pinyin Chén Jiéyí (Mandarin)
Jyutping can4 git3 ji4 (Cantonese)
Origin Guangdong, China
Born (1972-09-15) 15 September 1972 (age 42)
Occupation Singer, Actress, Writer and Creative Consultant
Genre(s) Pop, Mandarin Pop, Cantopop
Label(s) Ocean Butterflies (1993–2004)
Banshee Empire (2010-Present)
Years active 1993–present (singer)
1997–present (actor)
Official Website [1]

Kit Chan (Chinese: 陈洁仪; pinyin: Chén Jiéyí, born 15 September 1972) is a Chinese singer and actress of Singaporean nationality. Born in Singapore, Chan is the third daughter in a family of four sisters.

Chan speaks English, Mandarin, Cantonese and French.

On 8 December 2012, Chan married her long-time boyfriend, whom she met in 2000.


Chan studied in Fairfield Methodist School (Primary), Raffles Girls' School, Raffles Junior College and Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts.[1] During Chan's six-year hiatus from the music scene from 2004 to 2010, she returned to LaSalle as a mature student. She wrote a thesis on the psychology of performance and graduated with first-class honors.[2]



One of the most established and multi-faceted artistes in Singapore, Kit Chan is often dubbed Singapore's "national treasure". Since her debut in 1993, she has been a trailblazer who has proven herself in diverse areas including singing, theatre, television drama, poetry, song-writing, entrepreneurship, creative direction and community work.

In 1994, Chan propelled Singapore’s pop music into the region when she took the Taiwanese market by storm with the album "心痛" (Heartache) and went on to establish herself in the scene as a powerhouse songstress.

Following her success with “心痛”, she released many more successful regional hits including “喜欢你” (Liking You), “炫耀” (Dazzling), “担心” (Worried), etc., that proved to be timeless. A dynamic performer, Chan took her performances to many parts of Asia, the USA, Korea, New Zealand, etc., and has collaborated with symphonies and orchestras in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, winning numerous musical awards and accolades in Asia.

Chan earned her moniker as Singapore’s “national treasure” when she became the first solo artiste to perform the National Day Parade theme song “Home” (家) in 1998. This has since become the tradition for pop artistes to vie for that coveted spot at the annual NDP. Her status as a national icon was further affirmed when she was appointed World Vision Singapore’s first celebrity goodwill ambassador, the National Youth Council’s first Youth Ambassador, followed by many firsts in her enduring career.


In 2004, Chan took a hiatus from her performing career to further her studies and joined international PR consultancy Hill & Knowlton as a campaign specialist in 2007. She worked on the Ministry of Defence's 2009 Total Defence campaign, 'What Will You Defend?'.[2] She left the company after 19 months.[3][4]

Even during the long break from showbiz, Chan was invited to front the first-ever Singapore Day in New York City in 2007.

After her corporate sojourn, Chan performed the commissioned theme song “One World” at the APEC 2009 Gala Night and made her much-anticipated return to the stage as leading lady (Li Qing) in the highest grossing Mandarin musical to-date in Singapore – “雨季” (December Rains) at Esplanade Theatre in 2010. In the same year, she sang “Home” for the third time at the National Day Parade.


In 2011, Chan released her first studio album《重譯 陳潔儀》(Re-interpreting Kit Chan) since 2004 and staged two sold-out solo concerts in collaboration with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) at Esplanade Concert Hall, as the anchor performance of the Huayi Chinese Festival of Arts 2011. In the same year, she held her three-night solo concert "The Music Room" at the Marina Bay Sands Grand Theater to huge critical and box office success.

Also in 2011, Chan worked with Nexus, Ministry of Defence as Creative Director for the Total Defence "Home – Keeping It Together" Campaign 2011. She was also executive producer for the remake of the "Home" MV, which featured 39 local artistes spanning different genres, eras and races, including Max Surin, Dick Lee, Taufik Batisah, JJ Lin, and Stefanie Sun.[5] She wrote the theme song "倔强" for the MediaCorp Channel 8 anniversary drama Devotion, which won Best Drama Theme Song award at the 2012 Star Awards.

Chan has most recently performed two sold-out concerts《傾城》in Hong Kong and continues to work with Nexus, Ministry of Defence as a creative consultant.[6]

In 2014, Chan takes on her first leading film role in Jason Lai's Miss J Contemplates Her Choice as the titular Miss J, who offers advice to callers on a radio talk show. The film premiered at the Singapore International Film Festival in December.[7]

Community involvement[edit]

In 1998, Chan was appointed as the first National Youth Ambassador for Singapore's National Youth Council, promoting moral values and a spirit of volunteerism among youth in Singapore. She served for two years.[1] From 2001-2004, she served as a council member with the National Youth Council.[8] Chan was honoured in 2002 by the Commonwealth Youth Programme Asia Centre with an Award for Excellence in Youth Work.[1]

She is also the ambassador to the Christian relief organization "World Vision".

In 2007, Chan was appointed to the board of the National Heritage Board, for a two-year period, to reach out to the Singapore audience and link with the creative industries.[9]

Business ventures[edit]

Chan has invested in two boutiques in Singapore, Flowers in the Attic and Roses in the Loft.[1]

In 2010, Chan set up her own record label, named after her singing group Banshee Empire from her secondary school days.[10]


Date of release Title
September 1993
November 1994
June 1995
  • Cornered 逼得太紧
June 1996
  • Sadness 伤心
December 1996
  • Don’t Let Me Hate You 别让我恨你
December 1997
  • Revelation 揭晓 (Cantonese)
May 1998
May 1998
  • Dreams and Memories 有你愛过 (Cantonese)
August 1998
  • Too Deep In The Act 入戏太深
August 1999
  • Dazzling 炫耀
January 2000
  • That Day, That Night 那天那夜
April 2000
  • Best 最好 (Cantonese)
June 2000
  • Lola 萝拉
March 2001
  • Numbness 麻醉 (Cantonese)
January 2002
  • Like Kit 喜歡.潔儀.喜歡 (Compilation)
September 2002
  • Dreamscape 异想世界
28 September 2003
  • Understand 懂得
July 2004
  • East Toward Saturn 东弯土星
August 2008
  • Kit Chan Selections 私房歌 (2CD)
April 2009
  • Kit Chan Selections 私房歌 (24K Gold edition)
April 2009
  • Wait and Wait 等了又等
25 January 2011
  • Re-interpreting 重译
15 October 2011
  • Re-interpreting 重译香港版《重奏》(CD+DVD)


Chan has also managed to display her versatility not only in musical expression, but also linguistic and theatrical prowess, with her Cantopop, and English hits on top of her Mandarin albums. She has held lead roles in the Hong Kong musical Snow.Wolf.Lake with Jacky Cheung – both the Cantonese version in 1997 and the Mandarin production in 2005 – followed by The Legend (where she played the late Teresa Teng), and "Forbidden City: Portrait of An Empress" (where she played the young Empress Dowager Cixi)– first performed in 2002 as part of the Esplanade's opening programme, and again in 2003. Chan has also played the lead in the Dutch-Hong Kong production of "East Meets West", and the Taiwanese musical "What's Love Got to Do with It?".

In September 2006, she reprised her role again in "Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress", as part of a plan to make this musical internationally recognised, in the hope of going on a world tour.

Year Performance type Title Location
  • Musical (Cantonese)
  • Snow.Wolf.Lake《雪狼湖》
  • Hong Kong
  • Musical (Cantonese)
  • The Legend 《漫步人生路》
  • Hong Kong
  • Musical (Cantonese)
  • East Meets West 《千里情牽》
  • Hong Kong
  • Musical (English)
  • Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress 《慈禧太后》
  • Singapore
  • Musical (Mandarin)
  • What's Love About? 《愛情有什麼道理》
  • Singapore
  • Musical (English)
  • Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress 《慈禧太后》
  • Singapore
  • Musical (Mandarin)
  • Snow.Wolf.Lake《雪狼湖》
  • China, Hong Kong
  • Musical (English)
  • Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress 《慈禧太后》
  • Singapore
  • Concert (Mandarin / Cantonese)
  • Join Love Club Concert 情牽女人心演唱會
  • Hong Kong
  • Musical (Mandarin)
  • December Rains 《雨季》
  • Singapore
  • Concert (English / Mandarin / Cantonese)
  • My Musical Journey 《我的音乐之旅》
  • Singapore
  • Concert (English / Mandarin / Cantonese)
  • The Music Room 《想像空间》
  • Singapore
  • Concert (Cantonese)
  • An Enchanted Evening with Chiu Tsang Hei 《傾城》
  • Hong Kong

Film and Television[edit]

Chan has also been involved in television dramas, being a member of the cast of Healing Hands II, the sequel to TVB's hit medical drama Healing Hands, in 2000. She was also the female lead in SPH MediaWorks Channel U's drama serial Cash is King. Chan also returned to the big screen in 2010 for the film Lover's Discourse.


Year Title Role Notes
2000 Healing Hands II
2002 Cash Is King (TV series)


Year Title Role Notes
1999 Eating Air Mysterious Girl
2010 Lover's Discourse Mrs. Lai
2014 Miss J Contemplates Her Choice Miss J Premiered at the Singapore International Film Festival

Published works[edit]

Chan has also dabbled in writing, having published a collection of her English poems (Cork out of my Head) in 2000 in Taiwan, I Write a Page in 2000 in Singapore, as well as a fiction book (together with friend Siew Fern Yong) called Cathy and Jodie: The Princess and the Flea.[8]


Years Awards
  • 8th Gold Awards, World Best Chinese Female Artiste
  • Hit Radio Pop Music Awards, Outstanding Female Artiste
  • COMPASS Award, Top Local Artiste of the Year
  • Hit Radio Awards 2000, Best Chinese Artiste Outside Hong Kong & Taiwan Territories


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