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Kit Woolsey

Kit Woolsey (born Christopher Robin Woolsey in 1943) is an American bridge and backgammon player.[1] He was inducted into the ACBL Hall of Fame in 2005.[2][3]

Personal life[edit]

Woolsey was born in Washington, DC.[2] He graduated from Oberlin College in 1964 and earned a master's degree in mathematics from the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign in 1965. He lives in Kensington, California with his wife, world champion finalist bridge player Sally Woolsey.[4][2][3]


In bridge, he was the winner of the 1986 Rosenblum Cup world teams championship. He was also runner-up in the 1982 Rosenblum Cup, 1989 Bermuda Bowl and won the Senior Teams at the 2000 World Team Olympiad, and another gold at the 2003 Senior Bowl, as well as more than a dozen American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) North American Bridge Championships (NABC-level) events. Many of his successes were in partnership with Ed Manfield. He is a World Bridge Federation (WBF) World Grand Master[5] and was Inducted into the ACBL Hall of Fame in 2005.[2] In backgammon he was runner-up in the 1996 World Cup; as of 2007 he was the 5th-rank player in the world.[citation needed] [needs update]

Woolsey has written many bridge and backgammon books, and contributed to the bridge bidding theory with innovations including the two-way checkback convention and Woolsey, a defense against opposing notrump openings.[6] He won the 1978 International Bridge Press Association (IBPA) award for Best Article or Series on a System or Convention. Since 1984, Woolsey has been one of four (before 2005) or six rotating directors of The Bridge World's monthly Master Solvers Club.

Kit Woolsey is editor of the online backgammon magazine GammOnLine. As of May 2014, the annotated match in the free "Demo issue" is "from 1996 World Cup finals between Malcolm Davis and Kit Woolsey".[7]

Kit's wife Sally Woolsey was player-captain of the runner-up team, or losing finalist, for the inaugural, 1994 McConnell Cup[8][9]—a quadrennial world championship event for women that runs to parallel to the open Rosenblum Cup he won in 1986. From 1998 they have played together in all four Mixed Pairs championships at the same convention, now called the World Bridge Series Championships (within the bridge world, World Series for short).[8]

Bridge accomplishments[edit]


  • ACBL Hall of Fame, 2005[3]
  • American Backgammon Hall of Fame, 2015[10]


  • Herman Trophy 1986
  • Precision Award (Best Article or Series on a System or Convention) 1978





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