Kitagata, Uganda

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Kitagata is located in Uganda
Location in Uganda
Coordinates: 00°40′21″S 30°09′18″E / 0.67250°S 30.15500°E / -0.67250; 30.15500
Country Flag of Uganda.svg Uganda
Region Western Uganda
Sub-region Ankole sub-region
District Mitooma District
Elevation 4,990 ft (1,520 m)

Kitagata is a town in Western Uganda. It is one of the urban centers in Sheema District.


Kitagata is located in Sheema South County, Sheema District.[1] The town lies on the Kasese-Ntungamo Highway, approximately 18 kilometres (11 mi), south of Ishaka, Bushenyi District, the nearest large town.[2] This location lies approximately 33 kilometres (21 mi), north of Ntungamo, Ntungamo District.[3] The coordinates of Kitagata are:0° 40' 21.00"S, 30° 9' 18.00"E (Latitude:-0.6725;00; Longitude:30.1550).


The population of Kitagata is not publicly known at this time.


The landmarks within the town limits or near the town borders include:

  • The offices of Kitagata Town Council
  • Kitagata Central Market
  • The Ntungamo-Kasese Highway - The highway passes through the center of town in a north-south direction.
  • Kitagata Hospital - A public 120-bed hospital administered by the Uganda Ministry of Health, located on the Kitagata-Rukungiri Road, just west of the center of town.

Other points of interest[edit]

  • Kitagata Secondary School - A public, mixed, non-residential secondary school (S1 - S4)
  • Kitagata Hot Springs - Located approximately 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) from the town center, they are two adjacent hot springs Ekyomugabe and Mulago, with water temperatures as hot as 80 °C (176 °F)[4]

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Coordinates: 00°40′21″S 30°09′18″E / 0.67250°S 30.15500°E / -0.67250; 30.15500