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Demo Day 2017
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Kitchen Budapest (KiBu) is an innovation lab based in Budapest, Hungary. It was founded in 2007 by a group of media artists, theoreticians and coders. It was sponsored by Magyar Telekom. Founding members include Adam Somlai-Fischer, Peter Halacsy, Robin Nagy, Attila Nemes, and Eszter Bircsák to instigate digital literacy and DIY techniques.

KiBu incorporates three functions including research and development (prototyping, testing, service design, UX/UI design), education (next generation programs as Talent and Lift) and industry collaboration.

KiBu connects corporate demands with creative supplies, theoretic bias of academic education with tools of the maker culture, talented young people with professional support, global innovation with situated, everyday use. KiBu worked within a network of media labs and bears established contacts with the local universities.

KiBu is a place where ideas come alive. Material instantiations of great ideas are the first steps in the making: via 24 hour hackathons, pressure cooking sessions they try and test methodologies, concepts, objects, services. KiBu has a well-equipped workshop area to enable wide-ranging projects to be manufactured, programmed or constructed from 3D printers to strong server parks to run high fidelity renders. The prototypes are publicized at Demo Day, the biannual showcase event.

Associated people[edit]


  • Adam Somlai-Fischer, co-founder of Prezi
  • Peter Halacsy, CTO of Prezi
  • David Lakatos, co-founder of Sold.
  • György Péter, media theorist
  • Nemes Attila, art historian, curator
  • Bujdosó Attila, architect
  • Bircsák Eszter
  • Sipos Melinda


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