Kitchener and District Soccer League

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Kitchener and District Soccer League
Country Canada
Confederation Canadian Soccer Association
Number of teams 12
Level on pyramid 5
Promotion to Ontario Soccer League
League cup(s) DaSilva Cup (Supersonics 2016)
Current champions Supersonics (2016 season)
(Polish Eagles 2016 playoffs)

Kitchener and District Soccer League is a competitive Canadian men's and women's football (soccer) league.

The league has been in operation as the KDSL since 1975.[1] Historically the league has operated with a first or premier division and a second division. As of 2016 only one 10 team premier division competed for a KDSL title and there hasn't been a second (or lower division) since the 2010 season. In 2017, the KDSL welcomed their first women's premier division.

There is also a cup tournament called the Da Silva Cup. In previous decades the Cup was named after the chief sponsor of the tournament - the Molson Cup. It was also called the KDSL Cup. Some teams also participate in the Ontario Cup with the only Ontario winner coming in 1981 when the Greek backed KW Olympics or "big blue machine" collected the honours. The league champion also has the option of joining the Ontario Soccer League (OSL).

Most teams are located within or around Kitchener, Ontario as well as other nearby cities such as Stratford, Cambridge, Guelph, and other smaller towns from the area. Playoffs at the end of the season determine the champion of the league. The top 6 teams qualify for the playoffs in each division.

Historically daily newspapers like the Waterloo Region Record and Cambridge Reporter had very good coverage of the league. This continued into the 1990s at which point it appears budget cuts at these daily newspapers took KDSL reporting off their pages possibly due to the common problem of the internet impact on the print media. Many feel that losing this type of print media reporting diminished public interest in the leagues. In particular many of the long-running ethnic clubs had a significant older generation supporter base that followed the league in this manner.

Currently only Croatian backed Hrvat trace a continuous existence in the league to the 1970s beginnings. In particular, the loss of teams from three of the four Portuguese clubs in Kitchener and Cambridge (Leoes, Oriental, and Torreense) seemed to signal a downturn in the league if one could identify a negative trend. Newer ethnic clubs that have taken their place did not have the same staying power and the non-ethnic traditional clubs always lacked a long running and continuous existence. Though the current Guelph Rangers have had a long existence if not in the KDSL then certainly the Hamilton league.

Current Teams (2015 Season)
Premier Division Year Founded
1 Guelph Rangers ????
2 Portugal Supersonics 197?
3 Poland Polish Eagles 1982
4 Italy[2][3] Aurora Lodge ????
5 RomaniaBanat 1975
6 Sonny's FC ????
7 Croatia Hrvat 1971
8 Stratford City ????
9 Listowel United 2016
10 Bridgeport Strikers 2012

Previous Seasons Results

2016: Supersonics Cup Winner, Bridgeport Strikers League Winners, Polish Eagles Playoff Winner

2015: Supersonics Cup Winner, Polish Eagles League Winners, Hrvat Playoff Winner

2014: Bridgeport Strikers Playoff Champion, Supersonics Regular Season Champion, Supersonics KDSL Cup Winner

2013: Hrvat Playoff Champion, Leoes Regular Season Champion, Leoes KDSL Cup Winner

2012: Hrvat Playoff Champion, Guelph Rangers Regular Season Champion, Hrvat KDSL Cup Winner

2011: Sonny's FC Playoff Champion, Oriental Premier East Regular Season Champion, Sonny's FC Premier West Regular Seasion Champion, Al's Motors KDSL Cup Winner

2010: Oriental Premier Playoff Champion, Oriental Premier Regular Season Champion, Hrvat KDSL Cup Winner

2009: Hrvat Premier Playoff Champion

2008: Al's Motors Premier Playoff Champion

2007: Hrvat Playoff Champion

2006: Oriental 1st Division League Champions, Hrvat League Champions, Hrvat Cup Champions

2005: Srbija Premier Playoff Champion, Hrvat Regular Season Champion, Hrvat Cup Champions, World Hungarians 1st Division Playoff Champions

2004: Oriental Premier Playoff Champion, Hrvat Regular Season Champion, Srbija KDSL Cup Winner

2003 Hrvat League Champion, Hrvat Cup Champion

2002 Hrvat Cup Champion

2001 Hrvat League Champion, Hrvat Cup Champion

2000 , Leo's Premier Playoff Champion, Hrvat Regular Season Champion

1999 Hrvat League Champion, Hrvat Cup Champion, Hrvat Playoff Champion

1998 Hrvat League Champion


1996 Hrvat League Champion

1995 Hrvat League Champion, Hrvat Cup Champion

1994 Hrvat League Champion, Hrvat Cup Champion


1992 Hrvat League Champion, Hrvat Cup Champion


1990 Hrvat League Champion, Hrvat Cup Champion

1984 Hrvat Cup Champion

1983 Hrvat Cup Champion

Notable Former Players
Player Club Notes
Igor Vrablic Beograd NASL, Olympiakos (Greece), Canada 86 World Cup, Toronto Blizzard CSL, 2nd round NASL draft pick in 1982 (13th overall Toronto Blizzard)
Roderick Scott Kitchener City Canadian National Team, MISL all-star, NCAA All-American, Kitchener Kickers CSL
Frank Anagnostopoulos Olympics, Cyprus, Hrvat 1st round NASL Draft Pick in 1982 (12th overall Toronto Blizzard), Kitchener Kickers CSL
Peter Mackie Polish Eagles, Al's Motors Kitchener Spirit/Kickers, Ottawa (CSL), CIAU(CIS) All-Canadian, Rochdale FC (UK)
Vlado Palijan Olympics, Croatia, Hrvat, Kitchener City leading player 1981 Olympics Ontario Cup Champion
Alija Solak Croatia NASL with Toronto Metros-Croatia
Predrag Begovic Olympics, Beograd leading player 1981 Olympics Ontario Cup Champion
Tom Abbott Waterloo Athletics CIAU(CIS) All-Canadian
Dean Carey Kitchener United, Balkans Kitchener Spirit CSL
Brad Cherevaty Kitchener United Kitchener Kickers CSL
Barry MacLean Kitchener United, Beograd, Oriental Professional Soccer Agent, 1985 CIAU(CIS) All-Canadian
Mario Halapir Hrvat, Kitchener United, Kitchener City, Oriental, Leos Kitchener Kickers CSL
Howie Christie Kitchener United, Balkans Kitchener Kickers CSL
Frank Jagas Hrvat Played for Edmonton Eskimos CFL
Joe McDonnell Croatia Played in NHL, coached Kitchener Rangers
Janko Peric Zagreb 3 term Member of Parliament for Cambridge (1993–2004)

Historical and/or Defunct KDSL Clubs
Club Name Club Identity Year Founded Final Season Notes
1 Portugal Torreense (sp?) Portuguese 197? 199? folded
2 Croatia Croatia Croatian 1971 198? merged with Zagreb to become Hrvat
3 Croatia Zagreb Croatian 197? 198? merged with Croatia to become Hrvat
4 Cyprus Cyprus Greek Cypriot 197? 199? folded
5 Greece Olympics Greek 197? 199? folded, Ontario Cup Champion 1981
6 Serbia Beograd Serbian 197? 198? folded
7 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Balkans Yugoslav 197? 199? folded
8 Turkey KW Turks Turkish 197? 198? became Kitchener City
9 Turkey Kitchener City Turkish 198? 198? became Al's Motors
10 Cambridge FC non-ethnic 197? 198? folded
11 Cambridge FCA non-ethnic 198? 198? folded
12 Greece Hellenic Greek 199? 200? folded
13 Germany Germania German 197? 198? folded
14 Germany Concordia Club German 197? 198? folded
15 America Central American 198? 198? folded
16 El Salvador El Salvador Salvadorean 198? 198? folded
17 Kitchener United non-ethnic 198? 198? took over from Balkans, folded
18 Waterloo Athletics non-ethnic 198? 200? folded
19 Waterloo A's non-ethnic 198? 198? folded
20 Galt Eagles ??? 198? 198? folded
21 Portugal Leos Portuguese 197? 2013 renamed Leoe's
22 Guelph Oaks non-ethnic 19?? 19?? moved to the OSL
23 Guelph Oaks non-ethnic 2012 2013
24 Guelph Royals non-ethnic 200? 2008 folded
25 ARTA ??? 199? 200?
26 Serbia White Eagles Serbian 200? 200?
27 Burns Hoffman non-ethnic 200? 200?
28 Budd Rangers non-ethnic 200? 200?
29 Poland Polonez Polish 200? 200?
30 Hungary World Hungarians Hungarian 199? 2007 folded
31 Euro non-ethnic 200? 200?
32 Romania SC Romania Romanian 200? 2006
33 KW Celtics non-ethnic 199? 199?
34 Portugal Benfica Portuguese 199? 199?
35 Alianza official site Latina American 199? 2009
36 AMO-SC 199? 2009 folded
37 Romania Banat Jr. Romanian 200? 2010 folded
38 Italy Aurora Azzurri Italian 2010 2010
39 SerbiaLeotar FC Serbian 2009 2010
40 Nuri F.C. 200? 2010 folded
41 KMS Spirit non-ethnic 199? ????
42 Perth County FC non-ethnic 2011 2012
43 Serbia K-W Srbija Official Site Serbian 199? 2013 folded
44 Turkey [4] Al's Motors Turkish 2012 formerly Kitchener City and KW Turks
45 Portugal[5] Oriental Portuguese 197? 2013
46 SerbiaFC Serbian-Eagles Serbian 2011 2012
47 Bosnia and HerzegovinaFK Bosna Bosnian & Hercegovinian 2014 2014
48 Feds United non-ethnic 201? 2014


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