Kitchener bun

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Kitchener bun
Kitchener bun.jpg
Place of originAustralia
Region or stateSouth Australia
Main ingredientsDough, raspberry or strawberry jam, cream

The Kitchener bun is a type of sweet pastry made and sold in South Australia. It consists of a bun sometimes baked, sometimes fried, made from a sweet yeasted dough similar to that used for making doughnuts, split and then filled with raspberry or strawberry jam and cream, most often with a dusting of sugar on the top.

The Kitchener bun resembles the Berliner, a pastry of German origin – although distinguished from it by an open face and the use of more cream than jam – and was, in fact, known as such until anti-German sentiment in World War I led to its renaming in honour of the British field marshal Lord Horatio Kitchener.[1]

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