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In 1935, Charles Lubin, then in his 30s, and his brother-in-law, bought a small chain of Chicago neighborhood bakeries called Community Bake Shops. Working together, the businessmen expanded their original three stores into a chain of seven bakeries.[1]

Lubin was an entrepreneur who wanted to expand the business. He named a cream cheesecake after his eight-year-old daughter, Sara Lee Lubin (later Sara Lee Schupf), and changed the name of the business to Kitchens of Sara Lee.[1]

In 1956, the Consolidated Foods Corporation bought Kitchens of Sara Lee, and it became one of the company's best-known brand names. In 1985, the name Sara Lee Corporation was adopted for the corporation as a whole.

Sara Lee Schupf[edit]

A Weizmann Women & Science Award nominating committee chairwoman, Sara Lee Schupf is currently very involved with advocacy on behalf of increasing the number of women in science, technology, engineering and medicine.[2]


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