Kitob District

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Kitob District
Kitob tumani
View from Takhta-Karacha Pass (M39) to the south
View from Takhta-Karacha Pass (M39) to the south
Kitob District location map.png
Country Uzbekistan
RegionQashqadaryo Region
Time zoneUTC+5 (UZT)

Kitob District (Uzbek: Kitob tumani) is a district of Qashqadaryo Region in Uzbekistan. The capital lies at Kitab. The district is mainly located on the southern slopes of the Zarafshan Range. The population of the district is overwhelming Tajik, with the Kitob town being almost entirely inhabited by that ethnic group.

In 1979, the Kitab Zapovednik (Geological) reserve was established within the district. It has various protected flora and fauna. Flora includes; Tulipa ingens, Ferula moschata, Acanthophyllum gypsophiloides,Allium stipatatum, Crocus korolkowii, Tulipa turkestanica, Eremurus robustus, Colchicum kesselringii, Sternbergia fischeriana and Iris stolonifera. Birds found in the reserve include; Gyps fulvus, Aegypius monachus, Aquila chrysaetos and Gypaetus barbatus. Animals include Hystrix leucura(Indian crested porcupine), Canis lupus(Grey wolf), Vulpes vulpes (Red fox), Ursus arctos isabellinus (Himalayan brown bear), Martes foina (Stone Marten), Meles meles (European badger) and Sus scrofa(wild boar).[1]


Coordinates: 39°11′59″N 67°05′39″E / 39.19972°N 67.09417°E / 39.19972; 67.09417