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Kitron Naxos.jpg
Bottle of Kitron
Country of originGreece
Alcohol by volume30-40%

Kitron is a citron liqueur produced on the Greek island of Naxos. It is made from the fruit and leaves of the citron tree, which is similar to the lemon tree but stronger and slightly different in taste.

Kitron comes in three varieties. The green variety is sweeter and contains less alcohol. The yellow variety is the strongest and has the least sugar. Clear Kitron is somewhere in between.

Citron fruits and leaf of Naxos, employed in production of Kitron.

The drink was briefly fashionable during the early 1980s, but is difficult to find today outside Naxos due to a shortage of citron trees.

The first distillery was established in 1896 in the village of Halki.

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