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KITSAT-1 or KITSAT A is the first satellite to be launched by the Republic of Korea. Once launched, the satellite was given the nickname "Our Star" (우리별).

"Launched in 1992, KITSAT-1, which stands for the Korea Institute of Technology Satellite-1, is the first satellite developed by SaTReC. Developed through a collaborative program between SaTReC and the University of Surrey, the main objective of the KITSAT-1 program was to acquire satellite technology through the training and education of satellite engineers.

The success of the KITSAT-1 program marked the beginning of space technology development for Korea."[1]

Placed into orbit on August 11, 1992, and launched from Guiana Space Centre, its launch weight was 48.5 kg, and it measured 35.2 X 35.6 X 67 cm. The console of the University of Surrey UoSAT-5 satellite was used.

KITSAT-1 was launched by Ariane 4 rocket. America's next to area to launch a 3t-old ocean observation satellite, TOPEX satellite, along with France's S80 / T satellite was launched as a secondary satellite.

South Korea became the 22nd country to operate a satellite.


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