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Categories Online humor magazine
Frequency Monthly
Founder Darci Ratliff
Year founded 2000
Final issue 2005
Country USA

Kittenpants was an online humor magazine published monthly from 2000 to 2005 on

History and profile[edit]

Kittenpants was founded in 2000[2] by Darci Ratliff,[3] who also wrote under the name Kittenpants for other publications, including the Comedy Central Insider.[4] Her style was described by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer as "a mix of ridicule of others and self-deprecation."[5]

The magazine featured the work of writers who have since gone on to work for Comedy Central, McSweeney's, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and The Onion's AV Club. It also featured the early short films of Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!. Each issue of Kittenpants featured an interview with an actor, comedian, musician or filmmaker, including David Cross, Devo, Bruce Campbell, and several members of MTV's The State.

In 2003, the Kittenpants CD, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, was released on Seattle's Guns A Blazin' record label.[6] It featured bands from Denton, Texas, including the Riverboat Gamblers and Centro-matic. The same year also marked the beginning of Kittenpants Productions, as Ratliff began work as a producer for independent films.[7]

In 2007, Ratliff published If I Did It: The Kittenpants Anthology, a collection of articles and interviews from the magazine.[8][9]

Selected former staff[edit]


Selected interviews[edit]



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