Kitto Daijōbu

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"Kitto Daijōbu"
Single by Arashi
from the album Arashic
B-side "Harukaze Sneaker" (春風スニーカー Spring Breeze Sneakers?)
"Na! Na! Na!"
Released May 17, 2006 (2006-05-17) (Japan)
Format CD
Genre Pop
Label J Storm
JACA-5039 (CD-DVD Limited Edition)
JACA-5040 (Normal Edition)
Writer(s) Spin, Shō Sakurai, Shinnosuke
Arashi singles chronology
"Kitto Daijoubu"
"Aozora Pedal"

"Kitto Daijōbu" (きっと大丈夫 Certainly All Right?) is the sixteenth single of the Japanese boy band Arashi. The single was released in two editions: a regular edition containing a bonus track and karaoke versions of all the songs released in the single, and a limited edition containing a DVD with the music video of the A-side.

Single information[edit]

"Kitto Daijōbu" was used as an image song in the television advertisement of C1000×. The song was performed many times throughout 2006, most notably during the 2006 Asia Song Festival in Seoul, South Korea when the group was there as a representative of Japan along with Kumi Koda. The song has been cited as a favorite by several artists such as singer Ken Hirai, who spoke of his obsession with the song during one of his on-stage performances "Ken's Bar" and Music Station on May 29, 2009, and Eiji Wentz of the duo WaT, who sang the song on Utaban though he did not know the title of the song.

Track list[edit]

Regular Edition
No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Kitto Daijōbu" Spin, Shō Sakurai Shinnosuke 4:53
2. "Harukaze Sneaker" Akatsuki Kitagawa (北川 暁 Kitagawa Akatsuki?) Trevor Ingram 4:38
3. "Na! Na! Na!" Spin, Sakurai Takehiko Iida (飯田建彦 Iida Takehiko?) 3:13
4. "Kitto Daijōbu" (Karaoke) Spin, Sakurai Shinnosuke 4:53
5. "Harukaze Sneaker" (Karaoke) Kitagawa Trevor Ingram 4:38
6. "Na! Na! Na!" (Karaoke) Spin, Sakurai Iida 3:13
Limited Edition
No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Kitto Daijōbu" Spin, Sakurai Shinnosuke 4:53
2. "Harukaze Sneaker" Kitagawa Ingram 4:38
Limited Edition DVD
No. Title Length
1. "Kitto Daijōbu" (PV)  

Charts and certifications[edit]


Chart (2006) Peak
Japan Oricon Weekly Singles Chart[1] 1
Japan Oricon Yearly Singles Chart[2] 45

Sales and certifications[edit]

Country Provider Sales Certification
Japan RIAJ 160,240[1] Gold[3]
Preceded by
"Champione" by Orange Range
Oricon Weekly number one single
May 29, 2006
Succeeded by
"Milk Tea/Utsukushiki Hana" by Masaharu Fukuyama


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