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Kittrell, Tennessee

Coordinates: 35°49′25″N 86°14′41″W / 35.82361°N 86.24472°W / 35.82361; -86.24472
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Cripple Creek bridge in Kittrell

Kittrell is an unincorporated community along U.S. Route 70S in Rutherford County, Tennessee,[1] located seven miles east of Murfreesboro.[2] It shares the zip code of 37149 assigned to Readyville.[3]

The community is named for Major Marion B. Kittrell who sold his farm and moved to the area around Cripple Creek on July 18, 1874. A post office was established in 1884 but discontinued with the adoption of rural free delivery around 1903.[4] Kittrell has been home to several schools and churches over the years that have been disused or destroyed by fire.[5] Uncle Dave Macon purchased a home in the community in 1900 that still stands today.[6] Other prominent landmarks include Pilot Knob (also claimed by Readyville), an elementary school, and a fire department.[7][8]


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35°49′25″N 86°14′41″W / 35.82361°N 86.24472°W / 35.82361; -86.24472