Kitty Kola

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Kitty Kola
Typesoft drink
DistributorKopparbergs Bryggeri
Sofiero Bryggeri
Fagerdals Bryggeri
Fågelfors Bryggeri & Läskedrycksfabrik.

Kitty Kola was a cola-flavoured soft drink. It was produced in Sweden and bottled by Kopparbergs Bryggeri, Sofiero Bryggeri, Fagerdals Bryggeri and Fågelfors Bryggeri & Läskedrycksfabrik. The beverage was also found overseas due to the ease of exportation. It has been seen in specialty markets in the United States and other nations and is largely sodas.

This beverage is a light brown with a slight foamy head when poured and is made with several natural juices to which water, sugar, and flavorings have been added. Additional sugar and carbon dioxide are also added to the mixture. It also has added natural flavorings such as lime juice. Caffeine is added as well.

This popular cola comes in a 12-ounce bottle as well as larger, 20 ounce bottles and aluminum cans. It is a common drink with older adults, but is more heavily marketed to teens and young adults. One can contains as much caffeine as one cup of coffee.