Kitzbüheler Horn Transmitter

Coordinates: 47°28′33″N 12°25′47″E / 47.475950°N 12.429800°E / 47.475950; 12.429800
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Kitzbüheler Horn Transmitter
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Base data
Site: Kitzbüheler Horn
Owner: ORS
Location: 47°28′33″N 12°25′47″E / 47.475950°N 12.429800°E / 47.475950; 12.429800
Elevation: 1964 metres above NN
Use: Television tower, not open to the public
Built: 1967–1969
Technical data
Height: 102 metres
Material: reinforced concrete

The Kitzbüheler Horn Transmitter (German: Sender Kitzbüheler Horn) is a 102-metre-high (335 ft) transmission tower made of reinforced concrete on the summit of the Kitzbüheler Horn near Kitzbühel in Austria. The Kitzbühler Horn Transmitter does not have a cylindrical shaft. It broadcasts TV and VHF radio programmes. The tower was taken into service on 12 December 1969 as a combined radio and television transmission facility for the ORF after a difficult two-year-long construction period, preceded by lengthy and intensive negotiations with local authorities and land owners.

To facilitate the switchover to DVB-T, the analogue channels ORF 1 (Channel 5, 3 kW) and ORF 2 - Tirol (Channel 24, 30 kW) were switched off on 22 October 2007.

Frequencies and programmes[edit]

Analogue radio (VHF)[edit]

Programme RDS PI ERP
Polar diagram
circular (ND)/directional (D)
horizontal (H)/vertical (V)
95.4 Ö2 - Radio Tirol RADIO___TIROL 4.5 D H
97.5 Ö1 OE___1 4.5 D H
99.9 FM4 FM4 4.5 D H
103.4 Life Radio Tirol (St. Johann in Tirol) *LIFE* 0.2 D H
103.9 Ö3 HITRADIO*OE_3 4.5 D H
106.8 Life Radio Tirol (Kitzbühel) *LIFE* 0.5 D H

Digital television (DVB-T)[edit]

Channel Frequency
Multiplex Programmes in multiplex ERP
Polar diagram
circular (ND)/
directional (D)
horizontal (H)/
vertical (V)
FEC Guard
Bit rate
23 490 MUX A 2 D H 16-QAM 1/4 3/4 14.93

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