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Kiveri (Greek: Κιβέρι) is a small village in the municipal unit of Lerna, Argolis, Greece. It is situated on the bay of Argos across from the tourist center of Nafplio. It has a population of approximately 1000. According to legend it was founded in 1600 BC by some of the first Dorian invaders of the Peloponnese. Scholarly research finds that the village has been continuously occupied since antiquity. The recent unearthing of ancient graves (dates still to be determined) do lend at least a little credence to the legend. Kiveri has a predominantly agricultural economy revolving around the growth and distribution of oranges and olives. There is also a small fishing industry.

Kiveri is across the bay from Nafplion and most houses in Kiveri are built with a balcony and a have a view of the sea. Soccer is the main sport played as it is in most of Europe.

Coordinates: 37°31′28″N 22°43′48″E / 37.52444°N 22.73000°E / 37.52444; 22.73000