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Kivernoll (originally Kiverknoll) is a hamlet in the county of Herefordshire, England. It is part of Much Dewchurch parish. Kivernoll consists of a small number of houses along the B4348, with settlement stretching along the unclassified road to Kilpeck and the byway to Dewsall known as The Rhydd.

Kivernoll contains a number of listed buildings including an 18th-century stable.[1]

There is a one span bridge over the Worm brook constructed in 1823 by a contractor called John Parsons.[2]

There was a Primitive Methodist chapel at the Rhydd, Kivernoll but it has since been converted into a house.[3]


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Coordinates: 51°59′13″N 2°46′34″W / 51.987°N 2.776°W / 51.987; -2.776