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Discount store
Number of locations
Area served
Norway, Denmark
Revenue 3,450 million NOK (2015)
Owner Norgesgruppen
Number of employees
KIWI in Denmark

Kiwi is a discount store chain in partnership with NorgesGruppen that has 650 retail outlets in Norway, and 102 in Denmark. The stores stock 3,700 articles contained within 300–1,000 square meters of sales area. Kiwi has about 8000 employees. In addition to premium brands it also carries the private label First Price. In Denmark, Kiwi is a joint venture between NorgesGruppen and Dagrofa.

In Denmark Kiwi primarily operates in Jutland and Funen. It has only two stores in other locations. In June 2010 it opened its first store in the capital region. It is located in the Østerbro region of Copenhagen.

Kiwi was owned and operated by Norwegian businessman Per-Erik Burud, who in July 2011 died in a boating accident.[1] After Burud's death, Jan Paul Bjørkøy was constituted as new leader of the chain.[2] Especially conspicuous is their corporate-color which is green. The company is also participating in the action "Nøkkellhullmerket".[3] This is an initiative throughout Sweden, Denmark and Norway arranged by health- and nurushment-institutions which mark certain food items as healthy.[4]


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