Kiyone Station

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Kiyone Station
Kiyone sta.jpg
Kiyone Station in December 2009
LocationKiyonekaminakashima, Sōja-shi, Okayama-ken
Coordinates34°38′37″N 133°44′00″E / 34.6436°N 133.7333°E / 34.6436; 133.7333Coordinates: 34°38′37″N 133°44′00″E / 34.6436°N 133.7333°E / 34.6436; 133.7333
Operated by
Opened17 February 1925
Kiyone Station is located in Japan
Kiyone Station
Kiyone Station
Location within Japan

Kiyone Station (清音駅, Kiyone-eki) is a railway station in the city of Sōja, Okayama Prefecture, Japan, operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR West). It is located in the former village of Kiyone, which was merged with the expanded city of Sōja in March 2005.


Kiyone Station is served by the JR West Hakubi Line and also the Ibara Railway Ibara Line

Station layout[edit]

Kiyone Station looking toward Bitchū-Takahashi Station in July 2006

Kiyone Station has two platforms capable of handling five trains simultaneously. Each platform has an upper and lower end.


1  Hakubi Line for Kurashiki and Okayama
2  Hakubi Line for Bitchū-Takahashi, Niimi, and Yonago
3  Ibara Railway Ibara Line for Ibara, and Okayama

Adjacent stations[edit]

JR West Hakubi Line
Kurashiki StationKiyone StationSōja Station
Ibara Railway Ibara Line
Sōja Station — Kiyone StationKawabejuku Station


The station opened on 17 February 1925. With the privatization of Japanese National Railways (JNR) on 1 April 1987, the station came under the control of JR West.

In January 1999, the Ibara Railway Ibara Line opened connecting Sōja, Kiyone, and Kannabe Stations.

Surrounding area[edit]

The Takahashi River flows near Kiyone Station.

  • National Route 486
  • Okayama Prefectural Route 24 (Kurashiki-Kiyone Route)
  • Okayama Prefectural Route 189 (Kiyone Teishajō Route)
  • Okayama Prefectural Route 270 (Kiyone-Makane Route)

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