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Kiyotaka Nanbara (南原清隆, Nanbara Kiyotaka) (born 13 February 1965 Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture) is a Japanese comedian known as a member of the manzai duo Utchan Nanchan with Teruyoshi Uchimura. He is the boke of the two.


In 1985, while attending the Yokohama Broadcasting Technical School, Kiyotaka was in the same class as Tetsurō Degawa and Masato Irie.

He decided to perform with Uchimura as a manzai duo and was given the name "Utchan, Nanchan" by his teacher, Keiko Utsumi. They appeared on The Birth of a Comedian! show (お笑いスター誕生!!). The next year they won the competition and received the "New Duo" award. In 1992 Utchan Nanchan won the Japanese Academy Award for "Best New Actors" for their role in the movie Cult Seven (七人のおたく). In 1999 they crossed the English Channel on their TV show, Utchan Nanchan's Urinari.

From April 1994 to March,[when?] Nanbara was the host of puroresu and mixed martial arts variety show Ring Soul, as well as special guest to the All Japan Pro Wrestling Relay show. He appeared in the game show Cult Q as a special host for puroresu-themed quizzes.

In 2001 he led the comedy musical group Happa-tai, whose song "Yatta" became an internet meme. After releasing the song, Nanbara became a member of Japanese musical group Memory Cats.

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