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Developer(s) Leaf
Publisher(s) Aquaplus
Series Leaf Visual Novel
Series Vol.2
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release Original
  • JP: July 26, 1996
  • JP: July 26, 2002
Genre(s) Visual novel, Eroge
Mode(s) Single player

Kizuato (, Scar) is a Japanese visual novel released on July 26, 1996 by Leaf.


Koichi Kashiwagi, a college student, goes to his cousins' for his father's funeral. After the ceremony, as he is on summer vacation, he stays with them. He experiences recurring nightmares and must hold down a strong homicidal impulse surfacing from deep within himself. One day Koichi dreams that he slaughters a person violently. The next day, the news reports the event of a violent homicide in the park where Koichi committed the murder in his dream...


  • Koichi Kashiwagi (柏木 耕一)
  • Chizuru Kashiwagi (柏木 千鶴)
Chizuru is one of the 13 playable characters in Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream Match, a fighting game developed by Aquaplus with characters from various Leaf games.[1]
  • Azusa Kashiwagi (柏木 梓)
  • Kaede Kashiwagi (柏木 楓)
  • Hatsune Kashiwagi (柏木 初音)
  • Gensaburou Nagase (長瀬 源三郎)
  • Yuya Yanagawa (柳川 裕也)
  • Hiyoshi, Kaori (日吉 かおり)
  • Kyoko Aida (相田 響子)
  • Yumiko Koide (小出 由美子)



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