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Mixtape by Izza Kizza
Released July 2008
Genre Hip hop, pop, R&B
Length 60:22
Izza Kizza chronology
Mr. Next Year
(2009)Mr. Next Year2009

Kizzaland is the mixtape by Izza Kizza mixed by Nick Catchdubs. It was released as a free download on his weblog[1] on July 2008. Kizzaland includes mixes by Timbaland, Soul Diggaz and Koolade. One of the songs from the mixtape, "Red Wine", was featured as the opening track of Paste Magazine's June 2008 New-Music Sampler CD.[2] The song "Millionaire" was included in the soundtrack for the Madden NFL 09 video game.[3] On Kizza's YouTube channel[4] there are cartoon and mixtape videos for his songs.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Intro"
  2. "Flippin’ In The Rizzide"
  3. "I’m The Izza Kizza"
  4. "Millionaire" (Preview)
  5. "Walk The Dog" (Featuring Missy Elliott)
  6. "Wham!"
  7. "Timbo Freestyle"
  8. "Tell ‘Em What My Name Iz"
  9. "Red Wine"
  10. "Here I Izz"
  11. "Ooh La La" (Preview)
  12. "Living My Dreams" (Preview)
  13. "Don’t Stop Go!"
  14. "They’re Everywhere"
  15. "Hello" (Featuring Christian Rich)
  16. "Me & Keesha (Boy Meets Girl)"
  17. "Testimonial"
  18. "Push"
  19. "Outro"
  20. "Georgie Porgie" (Bonus)


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