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Typisk norsk
Genre Magazine program
Created by Dropout Productions, Rubicon TV
Country of origin Norway
Original language(s) Norwegian
Running time 28 minutes
Original network NRK
Original release March 24, 2004

Typisk norsk (Typical Norwegian) is a news and magazine program about language and communication produced by Dropout Productions (seasons 1 and 2) and Rubicon TV (season 3) for NRK. Three seasons of the program have been produced (2004, 2005, and 2006). The concept is inspired by the SVT-produced series Värsta språket (The Worst Language) with Fredrik Lindström as the host.

Petter Schjerven is the host of Typisk norsk. Among other things, the program covers interesting topics in language and communication. It also deals with language enthusiasts and researchers and discusses problems with the Norwegian language.

Typisk norsk won the Gullrute award in 2005 for Best culture or magazine program and Best male host. In 2006, the editors of the program received Den Store Journalistprisen.

Typisk norsk has covered, among other things:

  • Word separation and hyphenation
  • Slang
  • How Norwegian sounds to immigrants
  • Dialects
  • Norwegian in comparison to Danish and Swedish
  • Old Norse
  • Where language ability comes from
  • Rolled Rs
  • The Norwegian method of counting
  • Notable translations

In 2005, Schjerven presented the new letter "Kjell" on his program, a letter to prevent the kj sound from being replaced by sj and disappearing from the language.


The letter kjell was proposed as a new letter of the Norwegian alphabet in 2005. This was a humorous proposal to promote the prescriptively correct pronunciation of the voiceless palatal fricative (IPA: [ç]), which is written <kj> in standard orthography, and oppose the growing tendency to pronounce it as a voiceless postalveolar fricative (IPA: [ʃ]) or voiceless alveolo-palatal sibilant (IPA: [ɕ]), written <sj> or <skj>, as the first sound in the word skjorte ("shirt"; IPA: /ʃuʈə/).

The voiceless palatal fricative ([ç]) is unstable in many Norwegian dialects, and is disappearing from the speech of young people; younger speakers in Bergen, Stavanger and Oslo even merge /ç/ into the voiceless retroflex sibilant /ʂ/.[1]

The proposal for the new letter was created by design agency SDG and presented by Petter Schjerven in the television program Typisk norsk ("Typically Norwegian"). A similar glyph had been used before for /ç/ in the Norwegian phonetic transcription Norvegia, which has roots dating back to 1884.

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