Kjell Johansson (table tennis)

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Kjell Johansson
Kjell Johansson.jpg
Kjell Johansson 1966
Personal information
Nationality Sweden
Born5 October 1946
Eskilstuna, Sweden
Died24 October 2011
Eksjö, Sweden
Kjell Johansson carrying his doubles partner Hans Alsér

Kjell Johansson (5 October 1946 – 24 October 2011) was a male former table tennis player from Sweden.[1]

From 1963 to 1977 he won several medals in singles, doubles, and team events in the European Table Tennis Championships and in the World Table Tennis Championships.[2] [3] He won the 1965 Svenska Dagbladet Gold Medal.[4] He was a native of Eskilstuna.

He also won three English Open titles.

Johansson was called Hammaren, which means "The Hammer" in Swedish, because of his hard forehand. His brother Christer Johansson was also an international table tennis player.

Johansson died in Eksjö on 24 October 2011, aged 65, following a long illness.[5]

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