Kjell Ola Dahl

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Kjell Ola Dahl
Kjell Ola Dahl in Helsinki 2005.jpg
Dahl in 2005
Born (1958-02-04) 4 February 1958 (age 59)
Occupation Novelist
Short story writer
Non-fiction writer
Language Norwegian
Nationality Norwegian
Period 1993–
Genre Crime fiction
Notable works En liten gyllen ring
Notable awards Riverton Prize
Brage Prize

K. O. Dahl (born 4 February 1958) is a Norwegian writer in the Scandinavian Noir detective genre. He has written eleven novels since 1993, mostly crime novels with a psychological interest.

So far, four of his novels have been published in English, translated by Don Bartlett. They feature the Oslo detectives Frank Frølich and Inspector Gunnarstranda. These translations have been published in the reverse order to which they were written.

Speaking of his own work in Nordic Noir[1] Dahl says ‘I’m never entirely satisfied with my work – I’m pleased, of course, that readers find things to enjoy in them, but I can always see their weaknesses all too clearly'. Dahl goes on to mention three of his own works:

Lethal Investments (1993), featuring economic crime (and introducing his protagonist); The Fourth Man (2005), a solid conspiracy-centred noir story; and The Man in the Window (2001), a more generic ‘whodunit’ with a plot that revolves around familial jealousy and references the Second World War in a contemporary setting.


In English[edit]

  • The Fourth Man (2007)
  • The Man in the Window (2008)
  • The Last Fix (2009)
  • Lethal Investments (2011)

In Norwegian[edit]

  • Dødens investeringer (1993) – Lethal Investments
  • Seksognitti (1994)
  • Miniatyren (1996)
  • Siste skygge av tvil (1998)
  • En liten gyllen ring (2000) – The Last Fix
  • Mannen i vinduet (2001) – The Man in the Window
  • Gjensynsgleder - love stories (2002)
  • Lille tambur (2003)
  • Venezia – forfatterens guide (2004) – a travel guide
  • Den fjerde raneren (2005) – The Fourth Man
  • Lindeman & Sachs (2006)
  • Svart engel (2007)
  • Lindemans tivoli (2008)
  • Kvinnen i plast (2010) – Faithless
  • Isbaderen (2011)
  • Kureren (2015)



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