Kjell Roikjer

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Kjell Roikjer (14 June 1901 – 19 September 1999) was a Danish composer and bassoonist who for more than 30 years was a member of the Royal Danish Orchestra (1938–1971). He was a founder of the chamber ensemble "Blæserkvintetten af 1932" (Woodwind Quintet of 1932) and member from 1932 to 1948. As a composer, Roikjer was very productive, writing mostly for small ensembles. He often employed less frequently used instruments such as tuba, xylophone and saxophone.

Selected works[edit]

  • Introduction and Theme with Variations for Viola Solo, Op.29
  • Concerto for Xylophone and Orchestra, Op.34
  • Woodwind Quintet, Op.42
  • Divertimento for Flute and Viola, Op.45
  • Variations, Chorale and Fugue on a theme by Carl Nielsen for 4 Trombones, Op.51
  • Variations and Rondo on a Swedish Folksong for Brass Quintet, Op.53
  • 10 Inventions for 2 Tubas, Op.55
  • Variations and Finale on a Norwegian Folksong for Brass Quintet, Op.56
  • Scherzo for Brass Quintet, Op.53
  • Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra, Op.61
  • Capriccio for Tuba and Orchestra, Op.66
  • Sonata for Tuba and Piano, Op.68
  • Andante for Tuba and Piano, Op.65
  • Tonal Miniature Pieces in All Keys for Tuba and Piano, Op.75
  • Concerto for Bassoon and String Orchestra, Op.90