Kjellerup IF

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Kjellerup IF
Kjellerup IF.jpg
Full nameKjellerup Idrætsforening
Founded1907 (as Skjold)
ChairmanPeter Hørning
ManagerSteven Lustü
LeagueDanish 2nd Division
2016–17Danish 2nd Division Group 3, 3rd
Promotion Group, 6th
WebsiteClub website

Kjellerup IF is a Danish football club currently playing in the Danish 2nd Division West. They play at Bjerget Stadium in Kjellerup, Central Jutland.


The club was formed in summer 1907 under the name "Fodboldforeningen Skjold", but in 1930 changed the association name to the current. In 1920, the club's program expanded to include swimming, athletics, handball and winter sport, but in 1946 it was decided to continue the association as a pure football club and other sports were transferred to the newly formed "Kjellerup Gymnastikforening" (Kjellerup Gymnastics Association).[1]

In the summer of 2011, the club won the Denmark Series and moved up into Danish 2nd Division West for the first time in club history.[2]


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