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Kjelsaas og maridalsvannet aerial.jpg

Kjelsås is one of the northern suburbs of Oslo situated in Nordre Aker, the northern borough of Oslo, Norway.


Together with Grefsen, Kjelsås was part of the borough Grefsen-Kjelsås until January 1 2004, when they both became part of the new borough of Nordre Aker. Grefsen and Kjelsås were also part of the former municipality of Aker before the second world war, when the City of Oslo was confined to today's central areas.


Kurveien and the urbanized slope of Lachmannsfjell (364m)

The district of Kjelsås offers ski jumps, slalom slopes and vast areas of woodlands for hiking. Lake Maridalsvannet, located close to the woodlands, provides Oslo with its drinking water and is also the source of the Akerselva river, (formerly Frysjaelven). Akerselva is the dividing line between many areas of Oslo including the northern suburbs. Traditionally seen as Eastern or Western OSLO depending on which side of the river your location is. This distinction is even found in the name of the river. Akerselva (East) and Akerselven (West). Kjelsås is situated in the part of Oslo often not defined as "west" or "east" side but somewhere neutral in the middle.


The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology was moved to Kjelsås in 1985. The museum complex has a total of 20,000 m² floor space. Adjacent to the museum lies Kjelsås Station which is a station of the Gjøvikbanen railway line. The Kjelsås Line is served by the Oslo Tramway routes 12 (part-time) and 11.

Sports clubs[edit]

The sports club Kjelsås IL has football-, handball- and basketball-teams. The elite football team, Kjelsås Fotball has their stadium at Grefsen, called "Grefsen stadion". Myrer IL is the local volleyball club of Kjelsås.

People from Kjelsås[edit]

Coordinates: 59°57′50″N 10°47′05″E / 59.96389°N 10.78472°E / 59.96389; 10.78472