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Kjersti Alveberg
Kjersti Alveberg 2009.jpg
Alveberg 2009.
Born (1948-07-26) 26 July 1948 (age 72)
EducationNorwegian National Academy of Ballet
OccupationChoreographer, dancer,
film director, artistic director
Years active1975–present

Kjersti Alveberg, born 26 July 1948, is a Norwegian choreographer and dancer. Over the last 30 years she has created a considerable amount of highly original ballets for stage and television where she has distinguished herself nationally and internationally and won many prestigious awards for her work.

Early life[edit]

Kjersti Alveberg began to dance at the age of four, but not until she was 19 she took the decisive step of starting her dance studies at Norwegian National Academy of Ballet in Oslo, working at the same time at Chat Noir as a dancer. Aiming at sociology she went on to study dance in New York City, Amsterdam, London and Paris before attending the Nansen Academy. For several years she was a freelance dancer at the Oslo theatres, in fringe groups and in television. For 5 years she was a dancer, actor and singer at Det Norske Teatret doing musicals and plays, also working in TV and in fringe dance companies. Her choreographic debut came in 1975, with "Tomorrow?" at The Norwegian Opera's Ballet Workshop, thanks to Anne Borg,(Director). Her piece caused a lot of attention and enthusiastic acclaim and was soon transmitted in TV to be seen by a bigger audience.


Alveberg 2009.

In 1984 Kjersti won international acclaim, when her TV ballet "Beyond Reach" achieved 3rd prize in Prix Italia, the most prestigious competition for programs on screen. The same year the Norwegian dance and theatre critics chose her ballet as that year's best stage production. Kjersti Alveberg's hard work and passion for dance has made her reach a big audience at home as well as abroad, to be matched by no other Norwegian choreographer, thanks to her numerous TV productions. One example is "Spirits", a fable made for Eurovision's competition for young dancers in 1987, which could be seen on TV simultaneously in all European countries and in Canada. The amazing "Ashes, Mist, Windblown Dust", inspired by Ibsen's Peer Gynt, was awarded the jury's Special Prize in Prix Italia 1986 plus heaps of other national and international TV awards. TV producer Jannike Falk certainly has contributed to the success of Kjersti Alveberg's many dance films, well worth mentioning is "Who is the one?"/"Bønn" (1996) to new music by Jan Garbarek and poems by Rumi. Alveberg has also cooperated with producer Stein Roger Bull. "Dance Macabre" (1995) is one of several NRK ballets made for The Eurovision Summer Concert at Holmenkollen. Kjersti Alveberg has choreographed several ballets for New Carte Blanche: "Amber" and "Echo", both televised in NRK. When establishing stately support for Carte Blanche, (Norway's modern dance company), Alveberg was an artistic front figure. In 1990 her full length ballet: "Volven", (Scandinavian saga of creation), premiered at The Norwegian National Ballet with music by Synne Skouen, later touring Denmark, Aalborg and The Royal Danish Opera. In 2000 The Norwegian National Ballet presented "Volven" for the third time. "Volven", (the Norse goddess of destiny) was first danced in 1989 by Indra Lorentzen, in 1994 by Nina Bjørsvik and in 2000 by Ingrid Lorentzen. "Volven" has been said to be the most grandious and poetic epos created by a Norwegian choreographer so far.

In 1991 she won the prestigious competition of ideas for the Norwegian Olympic Ceremonies. The Lillehammer Opening Ceremony in 1994 was built on her concept of ideas. Kjersti was artistic leader for the Olympic Ceremonies for 1 year, with choreographer Sølvi Edvardsen as her co-director. In 1992 she created Norway's presentation at the Winter Olympics in Albertville, France, exposed on worldwide TV.

"Babies of Babel" was created for The Norwegian National Ballet in 1998. "Journey On Dreamt Ocean" in 2001 was inspired by the universe of painter Terje Ytjhall.

  • In 2005 she released her book Visions. Eye On Dance. Press publishing house. Her declaration of love for dance as an art form
  • In 2005 she was appointed artistic director for the opening ceremony of The Norwegian National Library.
  • In 2007 she created the cross-over performance:"@lice", commissioned by Concerts Norway and The Norwegian national touring theatre.
  • In 2008 she directed and edited "@lice" for TV with Mats Claesson/Sarah Rosenbaum. Exposed in NRK2 2009.
  • In 2009 she was appointed head of the jury for Telenor's International Culture prize.

Alveberg's ballets have always been thematically oriented - many were inspired by art, philosophy, poetry and music. Norwegian TV has created two portrait programs about Kjersti Alveberg: "Metropolis" (1990) and "Dance Me!" (2003). Produced by Morten Tomte and Jannike Falk.

Personal life[edit]

I didn't choose dance. Dance chose me! It's not how you move, but what moves you '.
Alveberg statements

A favourite saying: "The past is history, the future is a mystery, and this moment is a gift. That is why this moment is called The Present!"

Kjersti is the older of two sisters, Siri and Eli. Her parents: Per Alveberg (1921–09), a pioneer of rehabilitation/ social worker. Kari Alveberg,(1926) specialized teacher/children with learning disabilities. Kjersti was married to journalist Anders Hoff in Oslo 1981–89. From 1990 to 2000 she lived with chiropractor Knut Assjer in Asker. Kjersti has one son, Noah Alveberg www.noahalveberg.com, (31/05-90). Noah had his debut solo exhibition in February 2010 at Galleri A in Oslo at the young age of 19. He is currently studying Art at Central Saint Martins in London.


Year Title Notes Production Company
2010 Nano Ballet. Repertory Oslo National Academy of the Arts
2009 Transcendance Ballet duet Oslo National Academy of the Arts
2008 @lice[1] Crossover performance. Filmed and telecasted in 2009 by NRK2[2] Co-production, Riksteatret/Concerts Norway
2006 Cubaret[3] Ballet Oslo Dance Ensemble
2005 Hush![4] Artistic director of the Opening Ceremony National Library of Norway
2004 Mirror ("Lille Speil")[5] Guest performance Nice/France.
It's about time ("Nett No!")[6] Guest performanceHarare/Zimbabwe Oslo National Academy of the Arts
2003 Dance Me ("Dans meg") TV portrait of Alveberg Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
Dancing Cuba![7] Filmed and directed, TV Documentary Nordisk Films, TV2
2002 It's about time ("Nett No!")[8] A full evening production at Det Norske Teatret Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
2001 Mirror (Lille Speil) Full evening production Det Norske Teatret
Space and man ("Rommet og mennesket") As Dancer/Choreographer Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
Journey on dreamt ocean ("Reise på drømt hav") Norwegian National Opera and Ballet
2000 Mini Macho Norwegian National Academy of Ballet
Volven ("Volven") Full evening ballet, new version, third cast.[9] Norwegian National Opera and Ballet
1999 Zap Zombie ("Skjeve Blikk") New version, Norway tour, telecasted on NRK Oslo Dance Ensemble
Fragile Moments ("Skjøre Sekunder") Solo Line Alsaker (100 years' anniversary) National Theatre, Oslo, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
Tikk Takk 1000 New years' gala 2000 Norwegian National Opera and Ballet, Norwegian National Academy of Ballet
1998 Babies of Babel ("Babels Barn")[10] Norwegian National Opera and Ballet
1997 Zap Zombie ("Skjeve Blikk") Norwegian National Academy of Ballet
1996 Who is the one ("Bønn")[11] NRK Ballet Northvision
In Me Solo Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
1995 Dance Macabre Eurovision. Summer concert Holmenkollen Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
Alveberg Evening 20-year anniversary Carte Blanche
1994 Picasso's Women ("Picassos kvinner") 20 years' anniversary Henie-Onstad Art Centre
In One Ballet performed at Carte Blanche, Oslo Dance Ensemble, Brussel (guest appearance) National College of Dance
1993 Echo ("Ekko") First prize, Video Dance International Grand Prix. Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
1992 Albertville Artistic director for the Norwegian entry, Olympic Games Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
Moments ("Øyeblikk") Ballet Oslo Black Box Theatre
1991 Secrets ("Lokk") Competition for young dancers EBU
1990 Metropolis TV portrait of Alveberg Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
Fragile ("Glassdrøm") Dance Film, awarded Video Dance International Grand Prix. Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
1989 Volven (Scandinavian saga of creation) World premiere, tour Denmark, Alborg, Royal Theatre Copenhagen Norwegian National Opera and Ballet
1988 Amber ("Rav") Telecasted on NRK, Carte Blanche Bergen International Festival
1987 Spirits Ballet, telecasted on ZDF, Competition for young dancers EBU
1986 YR Solo Alveberg. Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
1985 Ashes, Mist, Windblown Dust ("Aske, Skodde, Støv for Vinden") TV ballet from Ibsen's Peer Gynt.Prix Italia Jury's special prize. Winner Amanda Award, winner Dance for Camera, New York. Winner Video Dance International Grand Prix (2 awards). Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
Media Solo Alveberg. Competition for young dancers EBU Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
Now ("Nå") Winner: Dance Critics' Award, The Norwegian National Ballet Norwegian National Opera and Ballet
Beyond reach ("Utenfor rekkevidde") TV production as dancer/choreographer Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
1983/1984 6 Dance Videos Summer concert Holmenkollen NRK Eurovision
1981 Exodus Solo dancede by Marianne Skovli Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
Blue Solo danced by Indra Lorentzen Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
1980 Sweet & sour Journey ("Reise i sur-søt saus") Norsk Danseteater, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
1979 Decadans ("Dekadans") Workshop, young choreographers Norwegian National Opera and Ballet
Creations ("Skapelser") NRK's 10th anniversary, performed at Henie-Onstad Museum Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
1976 Wish you were here ("Skulle ønske du var her") TV Ballet, regi Istvan Korda Kovacs Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
1975 Foot ("Fot") Ballet Studio Oscar
Tomorrow? ("Imorgen?") Ballet workshop at The Norwegian National Ballet Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation


  • Visions - Eye on Dance Press Forlag (2007)

Visions – Eye on Dance is her declaration of love for dance as an art form. It is also a jewel of a book, a pictorial documentation of her unique private universe. All of her most important stage and screen productions are presented here in large format in the form of digital paintings. Alveberg's ballets have always been thematically oriented, many were inspired by classical literature and art. Her stage interpretations have been like great tableaux on canvas, depicting a wondrous fantasy world. In this book, she also takes us behind the scenes, into the workshop, without breaking the spell. Visions permits readers to make their own journey into Alveberg's world.

Awards and honours[edit]

Babels Barn, foto Knut Bry, Ingrid Lorentzen
  • 2008: Aase Bye's award[12]
  • 2006: StudySphere selected Alveberg's website as one of the best educational resources on the Web in the category "Choreography & Choreographers"
  • 2005: Visions — Eye on Dance, Biography of Alveberg[13]
  • Head of the Telenor Culture Award jury
  • 2002: Oslo City Culture Award[14]
  • 1998: The Norwegian Center for the Art of Dance — Prize of Honour
  • 1997: Telenor Culture Award. "Limitless Communication"[15]
  • 1996: Festival International. Program Audiovisuel. "Dance Macabre"
  • 1994: Video Dance International Grand Prix. "Echo", TV ballet, First prize. TV Transmission
  • 1990: Video Dance International Grand Prix. "Fragile", TV ballet
  • 1989: Video Dance International Grand Prix. "Ashes, Mist, Windblown Dust", Jury's special Award (two prizes)
  • 1988: Dance on Camera, New York. "Ashes, Mist, Windblown Dust"
  • 1987: Amanda Award/(Norwegian Oscar). "Ashes, Mist, Windblown Dust"[16] (Free Artistic)
  • 1985: Prix Italia Jury's special Award. "Ashes, Mist, Windblown Dust"
  • 1985: Dance Critics' Award "Now"[17]
  • 1985: Prix Italia, third prize. "Beyond Reach"
  • 1984: Oslo City art award[18]
Kjersti Alveberg creating the Norwegian Olympic Ceremony in Albertwille, France


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