Kjofossen Power Station

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Kjofossen Power Station
Kjosfoss kraftstasjon.jpg
Kjofossen Power Station
Official name Kjosfoss kraftverk
Country Norway
Coordinates 60°44′49″N 7°08′06″E / 60.74698°N 7.13490°E / 60.74698; 7.13490Coordinates: 60°44′49″N 7°08′06″E / 60.74698°N 7.13490°E / 60.74698; 7.13490
Status Operational
Commission date October 27, 1944; 73 years ago (1944-10-27)
Owner(s) Bane Energi
Pumped-storage power station
Hydraulic head 97 m
Generating units 2
Power generation
Make and model Francis turbine
Nameplate capacity 3.5 MW
Capacity factor 78.3%
Annual net output 24 GW·h

Kjofossen Power Station is a hydroelectric power plant at Sogn og Fjordane built during World War II. Part of its power is used as railway traction current, i.e. single-phase electric power at 16 2/3 hertz, fed directly into the overhead wire of the railway to Bergen. The only other power station in Norway to produce traction current is Hakavik Power Station.

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