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Chicken skewers—dak-kkochi – popularly sold in both restaurants and on street.
Place of originKorea
Associated cuisineKorean cuisine

Kkochi (꼬치) is a category of Korean food cooked on skewers. The word kkochi means "skewer" in Korean.


Name Image Description
Dak-kkochi Chicken skewers, usually consisting of chunks of chicken meat and pieces of daepa (large scallion) skewered alternately. It is a popular street food in Korea. Similar foods in other cuisines include jujeh kabab, shish taouk, and yakitori.
Eomuk-kkochi Fishcake skewers, made by threading different types of eomuk (fishcakes) on skewers and cooking them in broth flavored with Korean radish and dasima (kelp).[1] It is a popular winter street food in Korea.[1]
Sundae-kkochi Sundae, the Korean blood sausage, are sometimes skewered and sold on street, from pojangmacha (street stalls) or bunsikjip (snack bars). The dish is often brushed with gochujang-based sweet and spicy sauce.
Tteok-kkochi Rice cake skewers, consisting of skewered and fried tteok (rice cakes) brushed with spicy gochujang-based sauce.[2] It is a popular bunsikjip (snack bar) item.

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