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Klinovec Mountain Hotel.jpg
Former mountain hotel on Klínovec,
broadcast tower in the background
Highest point
Elevation 1,244 m (4,081 ft)
Prominence 764 metres (2,507 ft)
Coordinates 50°23′46″N 12°58′04″E / 50.39611°N 12.96778°E / 50.39611; 12.96778Coordinates: 50°23′46″N 12°58′04″E / 50.39611°N 12.96778°E / 50.39611; 12.96778
Klínovec is located in Czech Republic
Location in the Czech Republic
Location Czech Republic
Parent range Ore Mountains
(Krušné hory, Erzgebirge)
Easiest route road, tourist trails, chairlift

Klínovec (German: Keilberg) is the highest peak of the Ore Mountains, located in the Czech Republic's part of the mountains at 1,244 metres (4,081 ft). There is an important TV broadcasting tower on the top of the mountain.


Klínovec lies in the Karlovy Vary Region, about 3 km to the east of Boží Dar and 5 km north-east of Jáchymov. Another two towns are set in the valley to the north, between Klínovec and Fichtelberg: Loučná pod Klínovcem, the second smallest municipality with town status in the Czech Republic with merely 80 inhabitants, and Oberwiesenthal, a German spa town. Access to the peak is provided by a road from Boží Dar, tourist trails (marked red and yellow), or a chairlift from Jáchymov, running all year round. These days, Klínovec is a popular regional ski resort, featuring more than 10 kilometres of ski pistes, 35 kilometres of trails for cross-country skiing and a snowpark.[1]

The average temperature at the peak is 2.7 °C (36.9 °F), the average rainfall amounts to 1,050 mm.[2]

Panorama vista of the Klínovec mountain (Czech Republic), seen from the top of the Fichtelberg mountain (Germany)


Thanks to its elevation, Klínovec offers marvellous panoramic view of Bohemia and Saxony. On a clear day, the Bohemian Forest may be seen to the south, 150 kilometres away, or the Ještěd mountain to the east.

The first public observation tower was built on the summit as early as 1817, and instantly became popular among visitors of the famous spa of Carlsbad, now Karlovy Vary. However, the wooden tower burnt down in 1868, and a new stone one was built between the years 1883 and 1884. This tower bore the name Kaiser-Franz-Josephs-Turm ("Emperor Franz Joseph Tower") and has survived until the present.[3]

The tower is 24 metres high and was extended with a hotel in 1893, when its popularity grew to such an extent, that accommodation was needed. The complex has been further extended over time, but it is currently in poor condition. Attempts to restore the buildings have been delayed through a lack of funds, although work was due to start in 2012.[2][4]

In addition, a 56-metre-high broadcasting tower was erected on the top of Klínovec in the 1950s, exceeding the height of the observation tower by 32 metres. The Klínovec TV tower covers most of the Karlovy Vary and Ústí nad Labem Regions and broadcasts in digital.


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