Klang District

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District of Malaysia
Location of Klang
Country  Malaysia
State Flag of Selangor.svg Selangor Darul Ehsan
 • Total 636 km2 (246 sq mi)
Population (2010 Census)
 • Total 861,189
 • Density 1,354/km2 (3,510/sq mi)

Klang District is an administrative district in Selangor, Malaysia. Its principal city is Klang, though the district does not administer the city. The city of Shah Alam is partly within Klang District. The Klang River flows through the Klang district and end near Port Klang. Klang district is situated near the Straits Of Malacca in the Selangor state. Klang district has many islands such as Pulau Klang, Pulau Indah, Pulau Chet Mat Zin, Pulau Ketam, Pulau Tengah, Pulau Rusa, Pulau Selat Kering and Pulau Pintu Gedong.


In 1980, the census figures for the 3 main ethnic groups in the Klang District were: Malays 105,195, Chinese 119,186, and Indians 54,159.[1] The following are the 2010 census figures for Klang District, which include the city of Klang, Port Klang and part of Shah Alam.[2]

Ethnic Group 2010
Number %
Malay 376,606 43.73%
Other Bumiputras 12,620 1.46%
Chinese 225,425 26.18%
Indian 165,382 19.20%
Others 4,179 0.49%
Malaysian total 784,212 91.06%
Non-Malaysian 76,977 8.94%
Total 861,189 100.00%


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Coordinates: 3°05′N 101°25′E / 3.083°N 101.417°E / 3.083; 101.417