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Background information
Origin New York City, U.S.
Genres Industrial metal, death metal, electronic
Years active 1994–2001, 2007–present
Labels Tooth and Nail Records
SmokeDogg Productions
Associated acts Circle of Dust
Argyle Park
Left Out
Every Day Life
Website official website
Members Daren "Klank" Diolosa
Pat Servedio
Eric Wilkins
Past members Ray Scheuring
Mike Nicosia
Carl Weaver
John Zaletel
Danny "Ducci" Owsley
Charlie Parker

Klank is the nickname for San Jose-based, New York native musician Daren Diolosa and the name of Diolosa's band. Diolosa formed Klank in the mid 90s when he was a guitarist for industrial metal band Circle of Dust. Klank initially shared Circle of Dust's classification as industrial metal, routinely exhibiting Diolosa's characteristic guttural growl, but later releases developed a more melodic, heavy dance groove sound. Klank achieved a ranking on the Top 40 CMJ charts in 2000 with the song "Blind".


Early years as Circle of Dust guitarist[edit]

Klank got his start as guitarist for Circle of Dust, a notable ground-breaker in industrial metal formed by Scott Albert in 1990. In 1994 Klank began to expand beyond Circle of Dust by releasing a handful of early solo tracks on compilations, playing live with hardcore metal band Six Feet Deep, and working with The Blamed on their album 21. It was through that experience that Klank met Brandon Ebel, president of Klank's future record label, Tooth & Nail Records. Also in 1994, Klank contributed vocals to the album Misguided by Argyle Park. Legal and financial troubles at Circle of Dust's record label caused the touring lineup of Circle of Dust to break up in 1995, at which point Klank began to work on his first solo record.

Still Suffering, 1996–1998[edit]

In 1995, Klank signed with Tooth & Nail for the release of his first album, Still Suffering. He gained some notoriety at the time by signing the contract in his own blood, which he explained as a signifier that he took his contract and his band very seriously. Still Suffering featured production and programming by Scott Albert, and Buka of Argyle Park contributed guest lyrics and vocals. The music was very similar to the industrial metal and industrial rock stylings of Circle of Dust, with the first four songs on the album originally having been written for Circle of Dust.[1] Klank cited death metal and groove metal bands Fear Factory and Machine Head as influences. The album's lyrics bluntly discussed real life issues such as child abuse, betrayal, and religious doubt.

The single "Downside", released on Tooth & Nail's first Songs from the Penalty Box compilation, was released as a remix EP with several remixes done by Albert. Additionally, Klank recorded a cover of Stryper's "The Way" in 1996 for a tribute album released by Flying Tart Records.[2] Klank performed at several Cornerstone Festivals during the mid- and late 1990s. The touring lineup at the time consisted of guitarists Mike Nicosia and Carl Weaver and drummer Eric Wilkins, formerly of rapcore group Every Day Life (EDL).[1]

Numb, 1999–2000[edit]

Diolosa released the album Numb in 1999 through his own label SmokeDogg Productions. Numb showed Klank's versatility and melodic sensibilities, and the band dubbed their new style as "Dancy Aggressive Dark Electronically Influenced Groove". Numb did quite well for an independent release, and it was eventually re-released by Progressive Arts Media in 2000 with an altered track listing. The video for the first single off the album, "Blind", appeared on MuchMusic.

Klank appeared as a guest on a couple of albums that same year. He contributed lead vocals to the song "Silhouette of Rage" on the sophomore Argyle Park album Suspension of Disbelief, and also lent lead vocals to the song "So Alive" by 54, a synthpop side project of Klank's band.

In Memory Of...[edit]

After the release of Numb, band members took a hiatus to start families and explore other musical ventures. Klank began working with Ringling Brothers Circus as a transportation manager and show welder and steel fabricator. Diolosa continued recording material over the years, and stockpiled more than 100 songs. In July 2007, Klank played a surprise show at the Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, Illinois and concurrently released a new EP, titled In Memory Of ..., which collected a few rarities from Klank's earlier years as well as six new songs.


NUMB...Reborn was released on April 20, 2010. It consisted of 15 tracks which included 3 remixes and guest appearances from Jim Chaffin, (The Crucified, Fasedown, Deliverance) Larry Farkas (Deliverance, Vengeance Rising, Die Happy) and Mike Phillips (Deliverance, The Sacrificed, Fasedown). NUMB...Reborn finds KLANK returning to their roots with a straight up, guitar driven, aggressively heavy release. Songs like "Don't Count Me Out", "Blind, D.F.L." and "The Rules" are a few examples of the raw heaviness and aggression, while songs like "Broken", "God?" and "So Very Real" give the band's melodic side a chance to shine through.

Urban Warfare[edit]

Urban Warfare was released on June 12, 2012. It consists of 14 songs and features a guest appearance by DUg Pinnick of King's X on the song "Something About You". Urban Warfare was recorded and mixed in the band's own studio known as The Kompound in San Jose. It was mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - California, USA


  • Daren "Klank" Diolosa - Lead Vocals, Guitar (1994-2001, 2007-present)
  • Pat Servideo - Guitar, Keyboard, Programming (1997-2001, 2007-present)
  • Eric Wilkins - Drums (1997 [Live] 2010-present)
  • Ray Scheuring
  • John Zaletel - Drums, Percussion (1997-2001, 2007-2010)
  • Danny "Ducci" Owsley - Guitar, Backing Vocals (1997-2001, 2007-2010)
  • Charlie Parker - Bass (2007-2010)
  • Mike Nicosia - Guitar (1997)
  • Carl Weaver - Guitar (1997)


  • Still Suffering (1995)
  • Numb (2000)
  • In Memory Of... (2007)
  • Numb...Reborn (2010)
  • Urban Warfare (2012)
  • Downside - EP (1997)
Compilation appearances
  • Demo-lition II (1994, R.E.X. Records) – "Animosity (demo)"
  • Can You Dig It? III (1994, R.E.X. Records) – "Animosity (demo)"
  • Sweet Family Music: A Tribute to Stryper (1996, Flaying Tart Records) – "The Way" (cover of Stryper)
  • Tooth & Nail Records Sampler Vol. 3 (1996, Tooth & Nail Records) - "Downside"
  • Songs from the Penalty Box (1997, Tooth & Nail Records) - "Downside"
  • 4th Anniversary Box Set (1997, Tooth & Nail Records) - "Downside"
  • Audiomata 1.0 (1999 Flaming Fish Music) - "Blind"
  • Runnin' With the Devil - a Tribute to Van Halen (2000 Progressive Arts Music) – "I'll Wait" (cover of Van Halen)
  • The Classics Hard (2004 Tooth & Nail Records) - "Downside"
Guest appearances


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