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Klaukkala church

Klaukkala (Swedish: Klövskog) is a village in the southern part of the Nurmijärvi municipality of Finland, near the Valkjärvi lake.

Klaukkala is the largest of the villages in Nurmijärvi and is often mistakenly thought of as a separate city. Lepsämä, an area belonging to Klaukkala, is the place where the former Prime Minister of Finland Matti Vanhanen currently resides.

Klaukkala has a population of about 20,000[citation needed] and is the fastest-growing area of Nurmijärvi. Klaukkala has significant migration mainly from the Helsinki conurbation, because as a rural village a half hour's drive away from the Helsinki centre, it especially attracts families with children. The distance from Klaukkala to the border of Espoo and also the border of Vantaa is about 5 km and the distance to Helsinki is less than 30 km. The increased traffic, resulting from the increase in population causes problems. Because of this, a highway bypassing the village is being planned, and possibly also a rail traffic connection to Helsinki, probably as a continuation of the Vantaankoski rail.

Klaukkala includes many primary schools, of which the largest is Isoniitun koulu, which includes all 9 grades of the Finnish primary school system. In 2017 a new multipurpose building called "Monikko" was built, to the Klaukkala sports area. Klaukkala also has one of the three gymnasiums of Nurmijärvi, Arkadian yhteislyseo. A possible tourism sight is the Klaukkala church, built in 2004. The village also has a wooden Orthodox church.

Coordinates: 60°23′N 24°45′E / 60.383°N 24.750°E / 60.383; 24.750