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Klaus Hanssen (23 May 1844 - 19 December 1914) was a Norwegian physician and politician for the Liberal Party and the Coalition Party.

He was born in Bergen, a son of merchant Claus Hansen and Elisabeth Schram, and was a brother of Gerhard Armauer Hansen. He was first married to Ida Christine Johannessen, and a second time to Dorothea Marstrand Serck.[1] He was the father of mining executive Klaus Serck-Hanssen,[2] and grandfather of Arne Serck-Hanssen.[3]

He served as a deputy representative to the Norwegian Parliament during the terms 1889–1891, representing the constituency Bergen. He was a member of Bergen city council for several years,[4] and served as mayor in 1894.[5] He later joined the Coalition Party, and served as a parliamentary deputy again during the term 1904–1906.[4]

Born in Bergen, he graduated as cand.med. in 1872 and worked as a physician the rest of his professional life.[4]


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Preceded by
Christian Michelsen
Mayor of Bergen
Succeeded by
Christian Michelsen