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Klaus Joehle (born September 24, 1957, Germany) is a German-Canadian metaphysical author.


Klaus J. Joehle spent the first nine years of his life in Black Forest (Schwarzwald), West Germany near big Titisee lake. He recalls some of his adventures of that time in Living on Love — The Shameful Secret book.

At the age of 9 Klaus was sent to live in Canada with his uncle where he had to adjust to the new circumstances.

When Klaus worked as a dairy farmer he managed to make his cows produce more milk than was thought possible without losing weight. He was giving his cows mineral additives and was giving them different meals - just like we give to people. This allowed him to feed more food to the cows and get more milk from them.

Also he worked as a contractor, artist (painter) and entrepreneur. In recent years Klaus enjoyed working as a tiler. In 2007 Klaus opened a tiling/mosaic shop called "Bad Boys Mosaics" in the town of Nanaimo on Victoria Island.


Klaus J. Joehle has authored five books and numerous audio recordings on the subjects of sending love ("Living on Love — The Messenger"), using Energy Vortexes and Alien abduction («Living on Love — The Shameful Secret»), finding your Joy ("Weekend with a Drunk Leprechaun"), increasing financial abundance and achieving other desired circumstances through focusing your attention on what you want ("Money is Love — Some things are worth believing in"). He self-published through print-on-demand 4 of his books in English. Also Klaus Joehle is making the larger part of his work available on-line free of charge (as of June 2007).

In his most extensive online book, 'Money is Love', he goes through a process of 'creating' 3.6 million dollars and records his exact thoughts for the reader. In the process of "creating" the author replaces his old blocking thoughts and beliefs about money with the new abundant beliefs.

The book about sending love — "Living on Love — The Messenger" by Klaus Joehle has been translated into Russian (1999), Spanish (2006) and German(2006). Update: also Swedish, Hebrew and Portuguese, Estonian. French translation is in making. Most recently it has also been published in China and Bulgaria

Klaus Joehle's books have seen most success in Russia, where all of them (except for the book of poems) are published by VES publisher of Saint Petersburg. Total number of copies printed before year 2008 is about 200,000 to 300,000.


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