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Klaus Röder (often spelled Roeder) is a German musician and music teacher, born 7 April 1948 in Stuttgart, Germany. He currently lives and teaches in Langenfeld (Rhld.), Germany. Röder is married and has three children.

He studied violin and piano, then began a study of sound engineering in 1968, later switching to part-time studies in composition and guitar at the Robert Schumann Hochschule in Düsseldorf, ultimately graduating in 1980 with a diploma in electronic music composition.

Interested in experimental and avant garde music he began creating custom-made instruments, also using synthesizers and tape recorders to manipulate recorded sounds.

During this period he played guitar (used as a sound trigger device for synthesizer) in a free jazz group, Synthesis, and briefly, during 1974, with the electronic band Kraftwerk.

Since 1975 he has worked from his own electronic music studio, latterly using personal computers entirely for composing and creating music.

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