Klay, Liberia

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Klay, Liberia
Klay, Liberia is located in Liberia
Klay, Liberia
Klay, Liberia
Location in Liberia
Coordinates: 6°41′50″N 10°52′35″W / 6.69722°N 10.87639°W / 6.69722; -10.87639
Country Flag of Liberia.svg Liberia
County Bomi County

Klay (Kle or Clay)[1] is a town in Bomi County, Liberia, located about 35 km (22 mi) to the north of the nation's capital city of Monrovia.[2] In 2002, this town was attacked by LURD rebels,[3] causing refugees to flee south and leave the town deserted.[2]

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Coordinates: 6°41′50″N 10°52′35″W / 6.697343°N 10.876465°W / 6.697343; -10.876465